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Interesting proposal: Holidays remain popular engagement time, but is your planning up to par?

The holidays easily and most notably are identified by shopping, gift giving, parties, meals and enough excess weight to make that New Year's Resolution seem all the more obvious.
What often is overlooked around this time of year is its popularity for proposals as men spend the weeks leading up to the holiday season doing everything from finding the perfect engagement ring to picking up just the right spot, identifying that perfect moment and popping the question without worrying about what could go wrong.
And as much as getting engaged means more than the buildup and execution, you'd be hard pressed not to find a person planning to ask this important question that isn't at least contemplating the dos and don'ts of proposals.
A lot of the trepidation ironically enough has little to do with making the commitment to the significant other but rather putting stress and pressure on yourself to achieve perfection. You may even think for a moment that proposing on the holidays is a bit cliché, but the truth is this time of year is ideal, particularly if you're enjoying the season among friends and family as part of your celebratory set of events.
Nothing is more romantic and heartfelt that arranging a proposal in front of the people you care about most. Sometimes just that instance alone is enough to make the "will you marry me" question all the more memorable.

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Where we tend to get tripped up is in our longing for not only perfection but trying to make the proposal equal parts personal but in a public setting. These two instances rarely go together and mesh well, leaving you with an engagement that doesn't feel like your own. Instead, why not plan a holiday weekend for two and spend time seeing all the sights you'd like to but save the proposal for something a little more intimate than say Times Square.
What would make the event even more special is proposing at the place where you first met, had your first date or the spot where you finally said "I love you." As far as the ring goes, try to stay away from what you see on television and in the movies as far as hiding the ring somewhere clever.
Don't stash it in some special dessert but rather present the ring traditionally and have something to say that goes above and beyond the closing question.
Speak from the heart, make the event personal and poignant and if the holidays are your backdrop of choosing, don't just rely on this time of year to do the work for you.

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