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Clash of the TITIN: Form fitting compression gear takes on 'Shark Tank' and wins big

The TITIN brand is known for its durability, practicality, results, comfort and, most importantly, toughness.
Even tough enough for a set of hungry, high powered "sharks?"
TITIN founder and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Whaley took his compression fitness gear to "Shark Tank," the hit ABC television show, where products and businesses attempt to land a deal with the aforementioned 'sharks," investors who put their own time and millions into backing products they believe in.
Naturally, TITIN fits that mold perfectly. It also gave TITIN the ability to take its renowned and lauded product to national television.
"Patrick met some of the higher ups and the Rice Business Plan competition about three years ago. Ever since he won most Bankable at the event, 'Shark Tank' has been reaching out to us to do the show," said Scott Hakim, Research and Development, Athlete Integration and Marketing at TITIN."

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"Due to some terms and conditions early on we respectfully declined, but recently after they redid some of their requirements we thought, 'why not?' It was a great opportunity and something we are excited to have undertook."
One "shark" in particular took notice of the potential growth of TITIN above and beyond the already impressive resume of the company.
TITIN and Whaley struck a deal with FUBU creator Daymond John and also are working with Samsung. That combination, with the technology and innovation that defines TITIN as its foundation, provides solid ground to continually grow the company.
"The most notable change (after being on 'Shark Tank') definitely revolves around the partnership with John and Samsung," Hakim says. "Not only do we have the backing of an apparel genius in Daymond, but we also have been given the confidence to grow from a multi billion dollar corporation in Samsung."
TITIN certain belongs in a class of its own once you feast your eyes on exactly what the brand and line of products brings to the fitness, athlete and training table.
TITIN sets itself apart from other products of that ilk on a number of levels and points of differentiation. TITIN uses gel weights and inserts that allow the pieces you put on your body to form to your shoulders, back and arms. TITIN fits like clothing and debunks the notion that weighted vests have to be cumbersome, bulky and quite frankly, annoying. The gel is just an added bonus. It can be heated or frozen to be used in recovery as well.
"TITIN always strives to move forward and press the envelope so we are excited to see what we can become in the next year," Hakim says.
When asked about what's new on the horizon for TITIN, Hakim isn't ready to divulge the latest just yet but promises plenty on the horizon.
"A lot of our new products are in the "vault" phase and can't be disclosed, but one we are really excited about mass producing is our TITIN Tykes Autism and ADHD line. We have already put these weighted units on four children and have experienced fantastic results," Hakim says. "Now, instead of using bulky
weight vests to calm down, they can move around and play in our units giving them 'super powers' and aligning them with their favorite super heroes."
Products like the Tykes Autism and ADHD line shouldn't come as surprise from a company whose founder, Whaley, believes that TITIN is more than just a business endeavor but rather a calling that he has gravitated toward after a 2009 event changed his life forever.
Yes, Whaley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TITIN, a remarkable line of compression, weighted gear, but he found himself as the victim of an armed robbery in May 2009. He was in the midst of cementing his status as an up and coming engineer when this event took place.
He was shot in the chest and left with part of a lung. And, the bullet just missed his heart.
Whaley was spared and sought a bigger purpose for what would eventually spawn into TITIN. Whaley recovered from the armed robbery and starting working out using his own TITIN technology to recover his endurance and muscle.
What Whaley never lost was his vision, ingenuity and vigor to continue to develop, craft and cultivate. You could argue that TITIN is culmination of everything Whaley experienced and, quite frankly, lived to achieve.
On the practical side, TITIN is revolutionary and has to be seen to be believed. Wearing, touching and trying it also doesn't hurt, either.
"People are sold the moment they put it on for a test spin. For centuries, people have been training with additional weight. Weight training has been a proven way to get faster, stronger and slimmer," Hakim says.
"The issue, however, is that most weighted training devices, whether worn or held, have many deteriorating effects, such as poor posture, damaged joints, and fatigued muscles. TITIN takes everything great about weight training and capitalizes on them; evenly distributing the weight across your body and not on your joints, allowing you to train without compromise."

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