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Life after death: Why some shows survived being canceled and thrived

Whatever you do, don't call it a comeback.
Well, in one instance, you can refer to it as that if you're referring to the Lisa Kudrow show, the aptly titled "The Comeback."
That show is just one of many that has found life after cancellation and somehow managed to survive being axed from a television lineup once, only to be brought back into the fold after fans and network executives alike determined that it deserved another chance.
But "The Comeback" isn't the only show that was able to leave and come back just as strong or even better after its initial run failed. One of the more lauded and favorable returns to television came from "Family Guy." You wouldn't know it since the show has seemingly been on forever, but FOX network canceled the show, which drew the ire of a fans who adored the show and begged for it to return. The show also did well in syndication and the DVD sales weren't too shabby, either.
Fans, of course, got their wish, and the show has gone on to become a Sunday night staple for the network with ratings to match their groundswell of support and popularity some 13 years ago when it was taken off the air. The show has given way to spin offs that have found success as well, and creator Seth MacFarlane has gone on to become a sought after director after his hit, "Ted."

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Speaking of movies, the television show "24" was rumored to transition from its 2010 cancellation into a movie a few years ago, but instead returned to television to critical acclaim and more than 10 million viewers in 2014.
You can argue that in some cases, such as "24," shows either have more to give in the way of story telling and entertainment along with the always cliché but appropriate "leaving while they're still relevant" tag line.
Then again, some shows, such as the hit "Arrested Development" find a niche, cult like audience that appreciates the brilliance they're watching even if the network only goes by ratings alone. Critics often adore shows of that ilk, but reviews often are dismissed or not treated as gospel when it comes to determining the fate of a show.
It isn't until fans beg for shows to find a home again on a network, even if it is a different one than the original, that someone finally starts to say to themselves "hey, maybe this show deserves another shot" or "maybe we gave up on it too soon."
No matter what the revelation is, television shows saying so long the first time around might not be nearly enough to keep them down or off your screen forever.

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