Fat chances: McDonald's new menu in 2015 might be just what the doctor (and customer) ordered

12/11/14 by Rennie Detore

McDonald's is finally admitting what we already know: they're fat.
At least the menu is.
So the fast food giant isn't exactly telling you that its food is going to make you fat but rather suggesting the menu is bloated and sales are slumping. Reports indicate that McDonald's hasn't really seen much of an upswing in sales since late 2013, nearly one year, and that has prompted the higher ups in this food chain to start rethinking the menu and just exactly who they're trying to lure into their fast food stores.

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The movement to eating healthier, perhaps fluffed off by McDonald's a decade ago, hasn't gone away quietly, and poor sales numbers may indicate that former or would be visitors the to famed "Golden Arches" have decided to forgo those famous French fries and instead are searching out healthier alternatives.
In addition, anyone who has been to a McDonald's lately at any time of the day is absolutely overwhelmed with the choices. What started as a mere and modest handful of "Extra Value Menu" meals has turned into what seems like a few dozen. A lot of it has to do with McDonald's refusing to say so long to menu items for fear that they might alienate a few loyal customers in the process if the Big Mac never saw the light of day again.
Any thriving business or one that is growing will tell you that you can't be all things to all people, and sometimes addition by subtraction often is a principle they'll use forever.
McDonald's looking to cut back on menu items or perhaps simplify how they do business from a marketing and menu standpoint is refreshing coming from a brand that could easily rest on its name value and continue to do fairly well to very good without doing much of anything aside from those few times during the year that the McRib rolls into town.
McDonald's also is looking into cutting back on its dollar menu and adding a twist to how it does toppings; it will allow customers to create their own sandwich to a degree, perhaps taking a page from Subway and its interactive ordering process.
Fast food is hard to pass up since it is remarkably convenient, but today's consumer isn't just being wined and dined on how easy it is to get food through a glass window and into their car.
They want options, healthy ones preferably, and McDonald's finally seems to be getting on board with the movement, albeit a little late to the party. In any event, McDonald's is at least taking steps to dismiss the stereotype that its food is fatty patties and fried food personified.
The slimmed down version of McDonald's, if nothing else, is going to get more than its fair share of second looks.

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