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Vehicle breakdown: Why car sales persons still have sly ways to slip one by you

As the year comes to an end, the car business and subsequent dealerships begin their push to evacuate all of "last year's" models to make room for the fleet of brand new vehicles, in this case 2015.
In fact, you'll hear a lot of advertising and marketing concur with that sentiment in that the "2014 models have been marked down and are priced to sell."
Almost seems like all the rhetoric associated with car sales sounds way too gimmicky and unbelievable one year after the next. But not to worry because the days of shady, slick and sly car sales people are all but gone, right?
You know, the line about "let me ask my manager" in regard to lowering a sticker price or adding months on to your loan to make it look like your payment dropped. As much as those tricks of the trade seem highly outdated and, quite frankly, obvious and lame, they still exist on a somewhat regular basis.
In fact, car dealerships in general haven't migrated too far away from using the same crafty and cunning techniques that have been in place in the industry for years.

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Granted, some things are just flat out bad: like giving away a free grill if you buy a car (like that trade off ever made sense) or the always laughable and campy dunk tanks, outdoor barbeques and mascots that typically make little or no sense when you think about it.
Sure, those are easily spotted miles away from the dealership, but what about some of the less identifiable ways you might be misled or duped into buying something that isn't in your best interests.
Take, for instance, the famed and highly trained sales person who uses open ended questions to get you to say more than you might want to at the moment. An opened ended question is one that doesn't have a "yes" or "no" answer but rather forces you to expand on the topic. The salesperson is trained to get you to give he or she as much information as possible.
They won't ask, "are you looking for a car or truck today," but rather rephrase it as such: "what type of truck or car are you looking for?" Just that subtle change gets you to talk more specifically about what you want.
Now, not all sales people are trying to lure you into doing something you don't want to do, but it is your responsibility as the consumer to take hold of the conversation and would be deal, get what you want and say everything that is important to ensure the sale is yours first.
And when it doubt, the wondrous world wide web has made car buying convenient and devoid of the back and forth banter at a brick and mortar dealership. Haggling online doesn't really exist so that marketplace might be tailor made for the handshake agreement you want.

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