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Road warrior: Why it is never too early to start thinking summer vacation

As you head out to finish up your holiday shopping and, for some areas, battle the bitter cold, freezing rain and snow, you begin to think about more than just gift giving, parties and eating far too much food during this time of year.
Those with snow up to their ears and far too much time spent at shopping malls already are starting thinking about how to relieve some stress in the form of planning a summer vacation before the snow is even close to melting.
And, of course, that's perfectly fine.
Summer vacation might start in the spring or a few months before Memorial Day for the majority of people, but starting to peruse the internet for hotels or find just the right beach to begin that relaxation time certainly works, too.
So where exactly do you want to go? Aside from the obvious summer destinations like the aforementioned beaches across the country or perhaps a weekend away at a water or amusement park with the family, there are plenty of what you could call unknown or undiscovered hot spots that absolutely will brighten up any summer vacation, even if it isn't perhaps a spot you'd think of right off the bat.

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For instance, what about South Dakota? This year marks the 75th anniversary of the famed Sturgis rally in the state, an event where bikers of all shapes, sizes and experience levels converge to rev their engines and enjoy all the entire state has to offer. In addition to all the happenings at Sturgis in the summer months, South Dakota might not be the "Big Apple" as it relates to tourism but it has its fair share of outdoor parks that are anything but pedestrian. For the campers in the crowd, you'll be amazed at what this relatively obscure state can do for your vacation.
Beyond the state parks that are equal parts visual spectacle and camping bliss, plenty of summer time enjoyment is derived from exercise, more specifically finding that sweet spot for biking. One place that doesn't get nearly enough credit is a spot in Minnesota (again another state not really known for its summertime hangouts), Duluth to be exact. There is a 20 something mile trail that runs the entire length of the city that hasn't yet opened but is in the works to happen very soon, most likely in time for the active person on your vacation planning itinerary to take note and start booking immediately.
Naturally, no one is overlooking beaches or more traditional summer spots to flock to in a few months, but the alternatives are endless.
And anyone not interested in contemplating June, July or August destination this early on might just be spinning their wheels come summer.

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