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Watch and learn: Reebok breathes life into timepiece marketplace with new, stellar line

What's the first thing you think of when, in 2014, the word "watch" is mentioned?
Some consumers would argue that the watch is a bit of a dinosaur in the wake of cell phones having the time right there on the main page on a device that you look at constantly anyway. And what about the new smart watches that can not only give you the time but also allow you to answer calls right from your wrist, like something out of a science fiction fairytale?
While those watches and ways of telling time certainly have their place in the market, you can't underestimate the popularity and practicality of a traditional watch that is equal parts timeless and fashionable.
Roy Goldwasser is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kronos America, LLC, and he isn't quite ready to waive the white flag when it comes to watches, especially the latest and first ever launch of the new Reebok watch collection for both men and women.
This watch is one of the rare accessory commodities that seemingly appeals to a myriad of customers, setting it apart from other time pieces due to its unique look and style.

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In a word, the Reebok watches are the epitome of the term "throw back," with some of the watches being inspired by Reebok marketing campaigns from years past, such as iconic Pump shoe, or just have a fashionable, retro look that is quite popular these days.
"The line was designed to be both fashion conscious and functional, inspired by some of Reebok's most iconic styles," Goldwasser said. "We have styles like Vintage Nerd and Workout ZIG that also capture the history and essence of the Reebok brand with that similar retro look."
As for watches being phased out by technology like phones and "smart" watches, Reebok believes that watches of this ilk are impervious because of not only their look but the fact that functionally speaking it appeals to a large demographic.
"The Reebok Watch line was designed to be set apart from typical fitness and fashion watches on the market," Goldwasser said. "That's why we've created a collection inspired by iconic Reebok styles that people love that are fun and true to the brand. The line includes classic, retro, vintage and iconic designs to offer a diverse, eye catching collection.
"We think there's also something to be said for trend lately of retro products making a comeback like 90s music beats being used by millennial artists to record players and Marshall speakers. Everything old is new again, and we're embracing that trend with this collection."
As fashionable and fresh as this line of watches is, and that does make a monumental impact on buying decisions, you have to look at the versatility of today's watch and ultimately decide to purchase one predicated on both looks and functionality as well.
Reebok has nailed both.
"It's playful and fun but also dependable with basic watch functions for their everyday, from going to the gym to a night out with friends," Goldwasser says. "The watches are also comfortable and lightweight, that include a rubber or silicone strap, and certain styles feature stainless steel bracelets, as well as an EL back light. It fits a sporty lifestyle."
The watches put forth by Reebok stand alone as being more than just another product released and marketed by a well known brand. Reebok could easily rest on its laurels and name value and simply release watches that bare their iconic name and leave it at that.
One look at this latest release shows Reebok puts some serious effort into creating a line that has mass appeal and not only holds up to comparable products but far exceeds their competition. The fact that Reebok also kept the price in check and reasonable to general consumer doesn't hurt their outlook, either.
"With the Reebok Watch line, we're bringing something new to the watch category by bringing people with a fitness lifestyle a collection that has great functionality but also something fun, playful and fashionable to wear," Goldwasser says.
Also, not everyone wants the gold and silver chrono watch when they have an active lifestyle, or want to pay close to $250 for an uber tech-focused watch. Our price points also fill a gray space that the market was looking for, with our watches starting at $49.95 and up to $129.95.
"We simply cater to a wider range of consumers."
And that strategy seems consistent with turning this latest watch release into something that is destined to catch on with customers."

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