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Healthy obsession: Is eating healthy all the time really a good thing?

Is there such a thing as eating too healthy?
That question sound a bit perplexing, considering most of the general public struggles mightily on a daily basis to eat well. The numbers regarding obesity in the United States is staggering, with nearly half of the country falling into that category. Being overweight isn't much better; that number stands at almost two thirds.
With that kind of information looming larger than the waistlines and bellies in question, you could argue that eating too healthy isn't possible nor would it be considered a big problem.
In actuality, healthy eating can get the better of you to the point that you become obsessed with it, and the term used to describe this issue, "orthorexia," isn't really a well known eating disorder but is one that shouldn't be dismissed.
What makes orthorexia so difficult to diagnose and understand is that eating healthy is viewed as being a positive. But like any other type of eating, moderation and mentality define orthorexia and being able to discern between someone who is just trying to eat better or if healthy eating isn't negotiable on any level.

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Figuring out where a person falls on that spectrum is daunting, but a closer look shows significant signs of orthorexia if you're truly paying close attention. For instance, those who struggle with the obsession eating too healthy will avoid eating a restaurants at all costs because they have a fear of not being able to see exactly what is being put on their plate.
In addition, as far as food choices, there's no compromise ever on how they eat or the foods and drinks they'll ingest. Even the healthiest of eaters will have what is called their "cheat" day, when they allow themselves to, in essence, pig out and eat whatever they want, no matter how strict their diet is otherwise. Overly healthy eaters don't have that off switch as it relates to food.
Around the holidays specifically, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who isn't thinking about what their eating, the cookies, eggnog and anything else high in fat or sodium they can get their hands on, without wondering how many sit ups or carrot sticks it is going to take in the new year to rid themselves of the excess calories this time of year.
So discussion centering on exercise and diet specifically are going to be running rampant in just a few weeks. But the important aspect of all that dieting talk is to pay particular attention to not only what is being said but things like body language, food choices and attitude as it relates to eating.
Spotting something that seems a little askew is paramount to picking out the friends or family members that are trying to lose a few pounds or the ones that might be a little too focused on finding any, all and only foods that are deemed healthy.
Ironically, that mindset is one of the unhealthier ways you can look, and ultimately eat, food.

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