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Toy story: What's the deal with these terrible toy ideas

The holidays easily rank as the most hectic time of year, and perhaps one particular place beats out just about any other location as it relates to stress and clamoring for that perfect gift.
Yes, say hello to the toy store.
Tons of toys will be sold, wrapped and opened this holiday season, and while parents often have their sights firmly set on the hottest toys of the season, they'll not always get exactly what they want due to little supply and plenty demand, thus giving way to the nightly news reporting on parents punching one another to get the last Iron Man action figure or just about any doll from the "Frozen" movies.
And while the popularity of these toys are hardly debatable, not ever product released around the holidays, or any time of the year in general, scores big with the consumers. As many success stories the toys and games industry has had, you'll read about another toy that had high hopes but never quite materialized for a variety of reasons, all this despite plenty of backing from the company as well as marketing campaigns tailor made to sell products.
Problem is, all the advertising in the world won't make up for a toy that is terrible from top to bottom, and that includes the idea of not only making these toys but someone of importance in the company actually giving the proverbial "green light" to make these toy flops.

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Looking back on previous toys, you have to wonder who thought ideas like an airport security action figure play set (yes, it was real) was a superb idea and one that would actually make money. Kind of reminds you of the scene from the movie "Big," when Tom Hanks asks a question from a kid's point of view when he's working for a toy company when a fellow colleague pitches an idea about a building that turns into a robot.
"What's fun about playing with a building," Hanks' character asks. To which you can reply, the same amount of enjoyment you receive from playing airport with action figures, supposedly.
Then again, some ideas are just plain stupid and irresponsible.
Take for instance the kids' pretend, play tattoo gun (once again, real). Nothing says parental or toy maker responsibility quite like encouraging your kids to give their childhood friends and play mates a "mother" tattoo, hopefully giving kids at the recess something to talk about or parents fodder for the next PTA meeting.
Sadly, not every toy is a slam dunk, but that is to be expected. Like any line of products, you don't always get one winning, game changing idea after another but rather have the same trial and error approach most manufacturers adopt.
So for every Cabbage Patch Doll, there's a mechanical, barking dog being made that makes in the yard just like the real ones. No one said finding the perfect idea was easy but it is especially daunting when it comes to kids and developing and selling a toy that always takes center stage.

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