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Electronics magnet: Nothing draws your holiday buying attention quite like electronics

Nothing says the holidays and subsequent shopping quite like combing the online aisles of Amazon or hitting the brick and mortar Best Buy retailer in search of an appliance or electronic gadget that fits nicely with the tech savvy person on your wish list.
The vast number of products only makes finding the perfect gift that much more difficult in a sea of worthwhile contenders. For those who need direction, you ultimately should take a long, hard look at the person on your list.
You certainly don't want to buy a state of the art coffee maker for your 14 year old nephew who might rather have a portable gaming system in place of a single cup brewer. Obviously, that example is quite obvious but in some cases, it isn't quite that black and white.
So what electronics or appliances are worth giving more than just a second look to this holiday season?
One product that is a serious winner and keeper for those who get it as a gift is the Bonavita coffee maker that allows you to buy fresh coffee, grind it and have the perfect, freshest cup every time. What's nice is the coffee maker comes as a one piece and will allow you not to buy two separate gifts the counter top of the person who's getting the present. Coffee drinkers who love that freshly brewed coffee often fall victim to the big box coffee stops like Starbucks, but you'll not only be giving them the same coffee taste they love but also saving them money in the process.

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For those who still like the idea of getting a camera as a gift, there are plenty of noteworthy choices on the market. Thanks to smart phone cameras being quite respectable as far as pixel quality is concerned, cameras don't really get much play unless you're a professional photographer. Some consumers, however, still like the idea of keeping the camera and phone separate, and for that group, look no further than anything from two names: Canon and Olympus. If you're buying a gift for the photographer on your wish list, stick with these two brands above all else.
Laptop and tablet lovers, along with the gamers on your list, have a multitude of gifts they are hoping for, but those gift recipients might be a little picky.
If your shopping and gift list includes gamers, don't get cute: stick with PlayStation 4 or Xbox. The same can be said for laptops, even though tablets tend to be the hotter item around the holidays. So with that, why not get a laptop that goes both: Lenova Yoga Pro 3. This piece of electronics is equal parts sleek and practical. It folds over completely if you want to use it as a tablet and has a laptop design that rivals anything else on the market.
And, speaking of the market when it comes to electronics and appliances, calling the field of competitors "crowded" would be an understatement. Finding the right gift starts not only with the person who is getting it but being able to decipher the good from the rudimentary or mundane.

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