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Job lofty: Why some people actually love their job

Let's face it, you complain a lot about your job, right?
Your boss is unfair, mean or takes credit for your work. The hours are long and, perhaps, every changing if you work different shifts depending upon the week. And what about your co workers or the company policy on raises or promotions; that might not be up to your standards, either.
Grumbling and mumbling under your breath about your occupation certainly isn't anything new and hardly unheard of as it relates to day to day work or the opportunities and perks you're afford or, in this case, not.
But in more than just rare cases, you will find that friend or family member who isn't ashamed or afraid to admit, quite frankly, that not only do they like their job, they love it. For those who are on the opposite end of the job spectrum, you might have a hard time digesting how someone can adore what they do.
So what exactly makes a job great and beloved by the person doing it?

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For starters, most people out in the workforce want two things right off the bat: appreciation and the ability to move up and grow within the company. Finding a company that promotes from within is the salvation that most workers would love to have on a daily basis. Nothing is quite as frustrating as seeing a job posted, only to have someone from outside the company snatch it from your every qualified grasp.
Granted, hiring outside the four walls that are your company isn't unheard of, but those companies that consider and hire "their own" will be viewed much more favorably.
As for appreciation, that falls on your supervisors or superiors, even if you have more than one. If you put together a report, bar graph or just help out a fellow co worker or stay late to finish a project, you like to know that someone cares. The flip side is having an immediate boss or owner that you see every day but can't muster up enough wherewithal to at least say hello.
Finally, think about your job and the hours you work and ask yourself if you truly have any sort of autonomy or freedom with the position. Most who love their job are the ones that can work from home a few days per week (or in some cases every day) or aren't going to hear the wrath of their boss if they have to take a few hours off during the day for a doctor's appointment or to stop home to check on a loved one who may be sick.
That kind of flexibility is not only appreciated by the worker, but it shows that the employer has hired people with ethics, integrity and morals rather than someone who they have to essentially babysit to the point that they can't trust them.
All the aforementioned points, and more, are characteristics of a job and place of employment that you'll want to gravitate toward or, if you're already working there, do your absolute best to stay put.

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