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Clutter flied: How to spot so called organizer products that are making your home messier

Spend a few minutes on your next trip to Target, Wal Mart or any retailer that specializes in the ability to sell a variety of products for your home and pay particular attention to items that have one word, or a variation of it, somewhere on the label.
This buzz word is all the rage for cluttered room and inherently messy people, particularly of course if you live in a smaller apartment and only have so much space for certain things and have to pick and choose what makes the cut.
If you're attempting to clean up the mess that is your living space, you may turn to various products that claim to make life easier and get your on the right track from an organizational standpoint but actually do the complete opposite: make things look even more out of sorts.
Think of it as chaos that turns into, well, controlled chaos.

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Take for instance and old favorite: the show organizer for the closet. Listen, the goal when you're trying to maximize space is two fold: store what you don't need and, ultimately, start combing through what you own and decide if it is something you want to even keep. The show organizer actually fuels messiness and transforms from the intention of storing shoes neatly to taking one of those metal or plastic spots for one set of shoes and just stacking as many on top of one another as you can.
The same could be said for those handy plastic hooks that stick to the wall without much work, but could end up being just another place for your stuff to stand out unnecessarily.
If you have a powder room or second bathroom that is, perhaps in the basement, and you need a hook for a towel or a robe, that's ideal and practical. But those same hooks can make your bedroom look like a coat closet. For example, if you're short on closet space and can't hang various clothing, leaning on those aforementioned hooks isn't going to accomplish what you're hoping for but rather give you the impression that jeans, belts, shirts and pants now can be considered wall art.
Your home should always be a reflection of you on a number of levels, whether it comes from a sense of style you'd like to implement or the type of vibe you want your space to give off when you have company or visitors.
Keeping things spotless isn't always a must but for those trying to tidy up a bit, you may want to think twice about veiled promises of keeping organized from products that do the exact opposite.

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