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A Gift From Heaven: Preparing For New Baby Doesn't Need To Be Laborous

Those who suggest there is no such thing as the perfect baby gift simply aren't looking hard enough.
Plenty of top-flight retailers stock their shelves with worthwhile choices for a boy or a girl but the true perplexing and pondering begin with a simple question: Is it a boy or girl?
Perhaps the answer to that question lies solely with the soon-to-be parents but an even bigger hurdle emerges if those same parents choose not to know until the day of the delivery.
Rather than scrambling for your sanity or hitting one store after another in vein, the better bet is on gifts that branch beyond boy or girl and are seen as more-than-sufficient neutral gifts for either.
If you're from the school of thought that you'd rather not procrastinate until seconds for the baby is born and want to have your gift bought and in tow as you're about to visit, then there are plenty of remarkable reasons to skip the sub-par hospital gift shop and actually present a gift that is both heartfelt and practical in one.

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Obviously, a safe bet is a stuffed animal as these huggable heavyweights typically dominate gift-giving for babies. That idea of a giraffe, zebra or the ho-hum teddy bear certainly is satisfactory but perhaps lacks in creativity -- a nice thought but one with not much thought put into it.
Cute animals have their place in terms of giving an unforgettable gift but those furry friends belong on something a little more functional -- like clothing, accessories or bath-time. Doodlebuckets.com delivers the goods in this regard with supremely soft bathrobes and slippers packaged together with one huge added bonus -- they can be personalized. Nothing is quite as sentimental and sensational than delivering a gift that shows thoughtfulness mixed with tenderness.
Gift-giving from recipient to would-be parent does a 180-degree turn when it is the parents who decide they're desperately in need of giving themselves a gift before the baby is born. This is also called the practice of preparation and often an exercise in futility for the moms and dads who simply want to be surprised by the gender of the new baby.
For these parents, Twotara tickles their fancy with an extensive line of baby clothes and various accessories that takes the guess work out of lining the shelves of that new baby bureau with plenty of applicable apparel for either boys or girls.
Twotara empowers the simple act of flipping anything from a cute, cuddly cap to teeny-tiny booties inside out with one side being lined in pink and the other in blue. Simply put, pending parents can't go wrong with Twotara and its extensive product line, quality and sensible pricing. Nothing is quite as appealing to parents, whether it is baby number one or five, than being able to buy clothing without completely draining a bank account in the process. In that regard, Twotara manages to tantalize on both accounts.
No matter if you're carefully contemplating the ideal baby present or simply a parent pacing back-and-forth in anticipation of a new addition to the family, the gift market has quite the baby-gift glow.

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