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Print swap: Are people still buying at home printers?

To print or not to print really isn't the question, but rather whether or not anyone is still printing at home and, more importantly, buying these devices for their home.
Questioning the popularity of home printers is especially pertinent during the holiday season as plenty of shoppers and gift gives are searching high and low just about any gadget or electronic device they believe can make the life of the would be recipient a little easier.
Naturally, tablets, smart phones and even the hybrid laptops and tablets rush immediately to the forefront of the conversation. Even digital cameras, despite plenty of their buzz and attraction being usurped by the cameras on those aforementioned smart phones and tablets, still get a least a little love from the consumer.
But what about printers? Is anyone really knocking down fellow customers just to get their hands on a printer or making it a point to head to that particular part of the store?
Truthfully, home printers are the kind of product that ironically sound good on paper, as if to suggest that everyone should have one. But when you really think about printers, you can come to two conclusions: they're useful but not even close to being essential as it relates to what you're doing at home.

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The only clientele that cling to their printers are those who own a business and do work from home, perhaps you've decided to buy one for your kids as it relates to school work or even the lucky person who gets to work from home exclusively rather than go into an office.
A closer look, however, reveals that not even that group really needs a printer. If you work from home, you most likely are emailing those reports to the person who you remotely report to, and as far as owning your own business, yes you might print out the occasional proposal, but as far as business cards, marketing materials and those glossy handouts or graphs that look so good behind those clear report covers, you'll opt to let the local Kinkos or Staples handle that sort of thing for the purposes of convenience and, in some cases, pricing that is more than just adequate.
So with that, you're probably not going to rush into your computer room or office and chuck the printer into the garbage. But if you're in the market for one, you might want to think about investing in something that seems worthwhile but actually is going to quickly transform into the largest paperweight you'll ever have in your office.

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