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Clothes encounter: Men might want to think twice about buying clothes for women

When it comes to shopping, more specifically buying gifts, guys really aren't keen on the element of surprise, particularly as it relates to buying something for that significant other and having to essentially guess what they may or may not like.
This is especially true as it relates to men attempting to buy clothes or accessories for women. In this category, most men will tell you without fail that they would rather have the most specific, detailed list heading into a shopping mall or clothing retailer, rather than try to muddle their way through the buying process.
Sadly, you might find that men struggle in this department for a number of reasons, namely first that they don't even know what size to buy when it comes to clothing or really don't have their finger on the pulse of what their girlfriend, fiancee or wife really considers fashionable or stylish, without perhaps taking a sneak peak in the closet in the hopes of finding something that they can use as a "cheat sheet" of sorts.
The latter typically leads to that gift from man to woman that she'll thoughtfully say she appreciates but actually in time finds its way to the very back of the closet, quite frankly because it something she'll never wear and not even close to something she's ever really worn or owned.
The real shopping kiss of death as it relates to men buying clothes for women is handing a woman something as pertinent as a pair of pants or shorts and them being too small or too large. That only leads to adding that proverbial fuel to the fire that is a woman assuming that you think she's smaller or larger than she really is.

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This, of course, is a serious no win situation for men.
The cruel irony of this discussion is that most women don't want to buy them clothes, either. The ones who voice their strong opinions of that buying decision are the ones who don't have to have those uneasy, awkward conversations with their boyfriends or husbands as to what they want be wearing the giraffe sweater you just gave her.
She has her certain brands, labels and trends she stick with, and that information is best left unearthed for the sake of you, the guy, trying to win her over with your fashion sensibility or lack of it.
The sooner a woman makes it known that she'll handle her own clothing shopping, the easier the entire process becomes for men.
Quite simply because they don't have to even think about doing it anymore.

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