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Fat lost: Do you know how to take favorite fatty foods and make them healthier?

Who wouldn't want to enjoy all their favorite foods without the regret and guilt that goes along with them?
From chicken wings to French fries, pizza and the more than occasional fast food trip, you absolutely love the food you eat but certainly could do without the excess fat, calories, sodium or even sugar, essentially everything that you believe makes these delectable dishes so tasty.
Truthfully, the foods that you adore still can be high on your list of choices, only without all of the aforementioned, detrimental characteristics that go along with it.
Granted, you may have to alter your taste buds to some degree, but it doesn't have to be the bland, boring dish you expect it to be after you've taken out all of the so called "goodness."
Take for instance that pizza you love to order over the weekend in preparation for the big game or instead of whipping up a family dinner when a 16 cut circle of food is only a phone call away.

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Pizza certainly can be manipulated so that you don't lose much in the way of taste, but still won't pack on the pounds as a result of downing more than just a few slices. Swap out that dough for starters with a wheat crust, and stick with a low fat cheese and loose the pepperoni, sausage and other fatty meats, like ham, and replace with shrimp, chicken or a high protein beef (for a taco pizza).
If you absolutely have to have pepperoni, a pizza staple naturally, then opt for turkey pepperoni or turkey sausage for that matter. It's about 50- 60% less fat than the other option. And don't be afraid to find an organic sauce to go along with your pizza, in addition to loading that pie up with veggies such as peppers, mushrooms, red onions and some leafy greens like spinach or the new flavor of the month, kale.
Some restaurants also have taken heed of consumers wanting healthier choices, too. Your precious fried wings have been replaced in some circles with baked wings, without the missing element of taste. And speaking of fried foods, what about those French fries?
Once again, baking beats them all as the means of preparation. Also, you're going to want to cut a fresh potato (preferably sweet), grease up a tray and set the oven at 375 degrees instead of dropping them in the fryer.
No one is suggesting that you can't indulge in some of your hearty favorites from time to time, but it's also nice to know that you can lose the "cheat" days and eat those same foods with just a slight alteration.

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