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Go figure: Some jobs do exist that tout salary and stress free

Telling someone who have a great job is one thing, but does that sentiment ever really include great pay as well? And when you define "great" in relationship to the job, you're talking about money but also how much anxiety and stress is associated with it.
No, I'm not talking about those late night ads that promise "exceptional pay and benefits" that keep you wondering about the job you're currently in but rather a career, one that has a future that goes beyond the quoted rhetoric listed above.
Although it almost seems too good to be true, jobs that offer competitive salaries exist, and they actually can be paired quite nicely with the kind of responsibilities, day to day activities and coworkers that rank as some of the best you'll find.
Furthermore, the company itself is superb and actually wants to see you advance, do well and become an integral player for years to come.
But beyond who signs your paychecks and who shares the desk next to you, the job itself has to be the best of both worlds and include a salary worth your time and something you can really sink your teeth into every day, without the constant battles or headaches that some higher profile positions often include.

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So do these jobs actually exist beyond the realm of our imagination? Of course.
Careers like this certainly don't fall into your lap but some of them also aren't only exclusive to doctors or lawyers, either. Think about jobs in the marketing and sales fields, ones that include pharmaceutical sales for a larger drug company or a marketing director or manager spot at a reputable company. These jobs are about character staples like organization, time management and creativity, not always years upon years of schooling.
Furthermore and in that same vein are jobs in the insurance field or as a person who assesses risk for a living and then doles out advice based on your findings. That sounds more like a position that includes flexibility in routine and opportunity to go beyond the entry level tag line.
No one certainly can claim they have the perfect job, but plenty of them still can fall somewhere between good and great, when just adequate or average just won't do.

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