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Job brief: Quitting your job is fine as long as it is done right

Most of you are spending New Year's Day home from work, enjoying a day off and contemplating exactly what you want from 2015.
Maybe you're going to join a gym right away to start living a little healthier.
Perhaps the new year, for you, is a chance to do more charity work, give back to the community or just change your outlook on life, how you interact with people or your demeanor overall.
For some, the new year is a chance to hit the reset button as it relates to their job, more specifically looking for a new one and trying to better themselves from a career standpoint. That sentiment isn't always the same for everyone. You may start looking a little more frequently and with greater focus for a new job.
Others decide quite simply that it is time to quit.

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Certainly, quitting your job from a financial standpoint has to come with a quick review of your finances and ultimately determining if you're able to make this decision without anything else as a back up plan. Often, the job is so incredibly daunting, disturbing or disheartening that you opt for walking away for the purposes of your sanity and stress levels, with money and prosperity being not as prominent in your choice.
The temptation with quitting, if you have a job that fits those aforementioned characteristics, is to storm into the office of your boss and him or her off or leave the unfriendly confines of those four walls you've been working in by making things as difficult as possible for your current employer.
All of that, however, sounds more like a made for TV movie than the actual path you should take realistically when it is time to quit. You have to consider a few aspects of leaving with a blaze of so called glory, given that your former employer may have some say to your prospective new employer as far as reviewing and chiming in on your attitude and how you ultimately decided to say so long.
That's why it is paramount to put that ill will and feelings of angst behind you as you tell your current boss that you'll be leaving. Make sure you stick to the facts, explain specifically your decision and its motivation and offer a handshake to seal the deal. You want to keep this transactions as formal and upstanding as possible, even if that includes making your last two weeks a transition period of you leaving to helping your old job prepare to move on without you.
Although that sounds incredibly generous on your part, you'll know that you will be leaving with dignity and truly will have a clean slate to work with as you move on in your career. Walking out without any reasoning or explanation might feel good in that very instant but will follow your career around as you attempt to shake the stigma that you'll pick up and leave without notice.

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