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Fit to be tied: Getting healthy this year can drive you crazy

With all due respect to most New Year's Resolutions, none of them are quite as popular as losing weight, exercising and eating right, all of which fall under the health and wellness blanket.
The irony surrounding choosing fitness as a New Year's Resolution is that not only is it the most common selection but also is the one that is broken the most.
And, the earliest.
Most of what ails the would be exercise community in any year quite frankly is ignorance as it relates to exercise, specifically not really knowing what will work or how to go get started. The conventional wisdom has the masses clamoring for a gym membership at either a large or small box club, most of which are highly visible and draws because they're $10 or less per month.
That cost is what drives the business that is today's health club and gym marketplace, but the caveat in this equation is that these places aren't about servicing or supporting customers but rather making money on monthly fees by stressing a business plan that focuses on volume and not results.

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So the average, deconditioned consumer joins with hopes of losing weight, walks on a treadmill for a few months or fumbles over the exercise equipment and then decides after not seeing any results, quits after a few weeks or months.
The other big hurdle for exercisers falls on the opposite end of the gym spectrum and joining a place based on price: having too many choices above and beyond that lone gym. The fitness industry is a billion dollar entity, and between DVDs, juicers, blenders, non traditional gyms, Cross Fit or other pseudo fads, customers have more than just a few options on their exercise plate.
Where do you go? What do you buy? Is home equipment the right choice?
All of those questions need addressed, but the one pillar of finding a fitness program that is non negotiable is support. You can take all the weights, treadmills and kettle bells you want, but none of it is going to translate into results unless you have some support mechanism that equals accountability.
That support can come in the form of hiring a personal trainer, opting for a gym that works more on a small group or individualized basis or even finding a friend that isn't going to quit on you, and will keep you motivated through the morning you want to sleep in or evenings when you want to just go home after work. Trainers as well can do that for you, too.
Weight watchers and other diet programs of that ilk often become the means of losing weight as part of New Year's Resolutions simply because they sell their products and services based on healthy eating but also a support system of other clients and the company to ensure you're sticking to your intended goal.
Anything less than having someone taking you to task and ensuring you're not wavering from your plan is going to result in a New Year's Resolution centering on fitness that is going to fall flat by Valentine's Day.

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