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Snack attack: Why your new diet is going to be tricky at work

Who isn't thinking about getting healthier this year?
Any new year comes with it promises of curbing your cookie addiction that flourished during the holidays, cutting out those salty snacks or just trying to consume less calories with each passing meal.
Your success is ultimately determined by a number of factors, anything from your own will power to buying and stocking foods within your home that are actually of the healthy variety. But while picking and choosing the right foods remains of the utmost importance, most of those would be New Year's Resolution dieters get tripped up beyond those four walls they call home.
Work, in particular, can be quite the troublesome landing spot as it relates to eating. Sure, you have that healthy lunch packed, stored and ready to break out at noon or so, but what about during the rest of the 7 or so hours you spend at work? Are you truly prepared to snack properly while you're at work, or does the call of the vending machines and that bag of potato chips or Doritos seem to be too tempting to resist when you need to eat something in a pinch?
Obviously, skipping those unhealthy options is going to be the difference between losing weight before spring arrives or once again embracing your larger self and the status quo that has become how you eat. As much as you feel prepared with the lunch you're bringing to work on a daily basis, you also must learn to focus just as hard on the snacks you bring as well.

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Snacking healthy often meant nothing more than fruits and vegetables in sandwich bags, cut up or left alone with little (or no) dressing to dip, hardly the kind of enjoyment you're expecting from something called a "snack." That said, snack foods have done a bit of a 180 degree turn in flavor and variety, with such preferred choices like Kale or Beet Chips, both of which remain a much better option than the original barbeque or bagged potato chips.
And even if fruit is your snack of choice, you need not keep that apple, pear or strawberries naked but instead consider dressing them up with various dipping sauces that keep a lid on the fat and sugar content. You may want to even contemplate making your own homemade sauce at home, such as whipping up ranch dressing for those carrot sticks by using a Hidden Valley Packet and low fat or fat free mayonnaise as an alternative to what comes in the bottle.
Regardless of what path you take to achieve a healthier menu as part of your resolution, you can rest assured that it doesn't have to be filled with flavorless goodies at home or in the office that have you tapping into your sweet tooth sooner than later.

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