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Stress belief: If you don't take stress seriously, you might be surprised at its potency

While the stress from the holidays may be behind you as far as what the calendar says, your body may be telling a completely different story.
Stress is an odd entity from a medical standpoint when diagnosing how you're feeling or trying to understand why you're uniquely lethargic when exams and diagnostic testing says you're perfectly fine. To those who aren't feeling well, stress isn't exactly the kind of concrete reason they want to hear from a doctor. Instead, you look for something more concrete: flu, cold, infection or something that requires at least a few doses of medication.
Realistically, however, dismissing stress as a means to understand and diagnose how you're feeling is a mistake. Stress is powerful, and can have a bevy of signs and symptoms associated with it and shouldn't be ignored or discarded as nothing more than a lame excuse to explain anything from energy level to why you're not eating.
Easily the most noteworthy and obvious sign of stress is how your stomach and digestive system is being adversely affected. Plenty of perfectly healthy people find themselves having adverse reactions to food, drinks or any type of nourishment that normally wouldn't bother them any other time, except of course if something is ongoing that would be considered stressful. Often a probiotic, over the counter medicine or adjusting your diet during the stressful time (eating a bland, low residue diet) curbs the issues, along with of course trying to eliminate the stressor at that moment.
Beyond just food, stress and how it impacts your body, you may notice other aspects of your physical appearance that start to change for the worse when you're stressed. Take a look at your hair, if it begins to feel as though it is falling out or thinning, as well as paying close attention to the dark circles under your eyes or if your finger or toe nails start to look a little different or seem especially dry and brittle when you're clipping them.

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Getting sick and staying sick also play a role with stress as the body's immune system is weakened when you're overly worried and thus doesn't work as well as it relates to the healing process. Sometimes you might notice that you bruise a little easier or that nagging cold or flu hangs around longer than you're used to; that's your body trying its best to fight off infection but simply can't do everything if you're constantly or consistently stressed.
As powerful as stress is, you still can't assume that it is the cause of all that ails you, either. Getting checked out and ruling out more serious conditions or afflictions still remains the best course of action. When all else fails or comes up negative, stress isn't something you can just chalk up as an oversight.

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