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Morning rushed: Skipping breakfast won't do your diet any favors

Everyone is in the midst of trying to eat healthier now that the holidays have ended and New Year's Resolutions have started.
From joining gyms to hiring personal trainers, buying smoothie machines or investing in a weight loss program, consumers are clamoring to find anything and everything that might help them lose a few extra pounds and get healthier this year.
What often ails the masses as it relates to weight loss or getting healthier is the combination of time management and simply overlooking the obvious. Weight loss is a lot like saving money; you tend to overcomplicate what at the heart is something rather simple.
You should spend less than you make, right? Seems easy enough but the lack of preparation and organization makes that simple money saving mantra overly complex for most of us. The same could be said for weight loss. You have to realize that when you sit down for lunch and opt to pass on the grilled chicken sandwich in favor of a slice of pizza that you aren't doing your diet or waistline any favors as you attempt to shrink a few pants or dress sizes.
Maybe not quite as obvious, however, is the idea that skipping meals actually is more harm than good when it comes to weight loss. Of course, the less calories you intake, the easier it is to lose weight. But limiting calories comes with a caveat that you need to take note of: you want to increase the frequency with which you're eating.

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Cutting calories means spacing meals out and eating five or six small meals per day, rather than one or two. The one meal that is a must is breakfast. Far too often your busy day, sleeping in a little longer or rushing out the door with nothing in your hand except a briefcase and nothing at all in your stomach can not only make you lethargic and lacking focus through the day, but also brings your metabolism to a screeching halt.
By having breakfast, your body won't store fat and feed off the protein in your body, thus leading to weight gain, even if you tell yourself that you skip meals and only eat a dinner. That is one of the worst things you can do to your body: starve itself until five or six at night.
And making it a point to eat breakfast doesn't mean you should incorporate a poor, unhealthy breakfast rather than nothing at all. Avoid things like fast food, breakfast skillets (typically made in fatty oil and cooked in a ton of grease and butter) or anything that is too carbohydrate heavy minus the protein.
Getting in shape and eating better does equate to cutting out certain foods, fats and sugars. What should never be on the chopping block, however, is breakfast.

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