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Relationship foes: Are you sabotaging your dating life in pursuit of love?

In the midst of telling yourself that this year will be different than last, you'll most likely decide to drop a few pounds, look for a better job and attempt to be a little nicer to people.
Whether you will keep that gym membership or start having the kind of salary and career certainly will be determined within a few months, but what about the promise of finding true love or that ideal relationship that continues to allude you?
Finding that special someone might be equal parts taxing and tempting, but much like exercising or sending out resumes as part of your New Year's Resolution, you have to implement a game plan that stays true to who you are, without falling victim to the online pratfalls that tend to sink that profile.
Wanting to have a profile that is engaging isn't a bad thing, but stretching the truth won't do you any favors, either. Obviously, using a photo that actually one of you would be a fantastic starting point, in addition to refusing to try to be all things to all potential suitors. You don't have to pander to what you think the opposite sex wants to hear but instead to be honest and open about your likes and dislikes.
When it comes to online dating, you also might have a tendency to lie a bit because you're frustrated that you're not getting the kind of interest you'd like. The flip side of that issue is being too quick to snatch up the first inquiry you receive, without being patient and a little picky.

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Another major misstep of online dating is attempting to dive right into the game for the first time as a rookie without having any idea what you're doing. It's certainly acceptable to reach out to friends that have done online dating for a few tips. Also, just because you're doing online dating doesn't mean you can't be open to meeting people in person, either. It doesn't have to be an either or situation.
Dating doesn't have to be overly complicated, particularly online dating and how convenient it can be. Granted, it isn't the most personal way to get started in your search for a relationship, but these sites are tailored to find matches that are nearly perfect. But that formula only works when you're doing your part behind the scenes.

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