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Tinder, Loving, Care: New Dating App Is Love At First Sight -- Literally

Tinder, the wildly popular "dating" app, won't be confused with Match.com or eHarmony.com any time soon. That doesn't seem to bother the thousands of users the app gains with each passing hour or day.
Yes, the word "dating" is in quotes because Tinder isn't so much dating as it is scouting. The premise behind Tinder isn't one deeply rooted in desire and doesn't take the time to make sure matches are made in heaven using expert criteria such a love of dogs, canoeing or romantic movies.
Tinder is whimsical, topical and is hardly grounds for a pending marriage. And that's perfectly alright with users.
Tinder takes a page out of the Facebook playbook and is rather simple in nature. Tinder shows a list of singles within a certain-mile radius once you sign in with the aforementioned Facebook or Twitter. While not many details are given, users are provided a series of thumbnail photos and asked whether they "like" or "don't like" a particular person.
If both parties choose "like," then the back-and-forth chatter begins. That aspect of Tinder doesn't need tinkered with and actually is quite endearing to users since it warts off unwanted messages. If both parties aren't equally interested in pursuing anything beyond an initial photo for photo showdown, the dating dance ends.

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Tinder can be misconstrued as both superficial and superior in design and application in one fell swoop. The superficial portion can be seen clearly at first glance of the app. Tinder is the technology savvy version of the dating game only minus the huge partition separating contestant and dates. Tinder wants you to judge a potential match on looks alone and isn't interested in mindless questions or matching interests.
If you think someone looks cool or is attractive, you can choose to click a green check mark. Not interested? No problem -- that's what the red "X" is for naturally. But one of the truly simple and non-ego crushing aspects of Tinder is that if someone gives you the red "X" of "death," that information never seeps back to you. You can just assume you're ultimately still an undiscovered superstar in waiting.
What some pundits and hopeless romantics would call dating regression is actually a welcomed change of pace for some demographics who simply like the allure of being instantly accepted and gratified. In addition to being an addictive app that, if nothing else, is simply mindless fun as an alternative to the more earnest dating web sites, Tinder doesn't take itself too seriously.

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