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Socially withdrawn: Is Facebook, Twitter and social media sinking your social skills?

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who isn't associated in some form or fashion with social media, at least in some form or fashion.
Yes, grandma might have a Facebook page, even if it is to share recipes or talk to her sister who lives in Florida. And maybe your mom just found her way on to Twitter and is asking you everything she'll need to know about hash tags or why there's a pound sign before or after a particular phrase.
Beyond the social media novices or those who only peruse the likes of Facebook or Twitter only occasionally, you have the opposite end of that spectrum: the group that can't live without having access to some form of this communication.
So the question remains, are you addicted to social media?
At first, you may quickly fluff off that question and answer emphatically that you can live without social media or can "quit whenever you want." But then again, ask yourself the last time you were able to pull your attention away from that tablet or smart phone or not be bothered to post something on Twitter or check if you received any likes or comments on Facebook.

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Can you go an entire day or even a few hours without using social media? If you answered that question with a resounding "no," then chances are you'd be considered addicted to social media. Now, let's get one thing straight: there's nothing wrong per say with social media or using it quite a bit. Plenty of companies use social media as their sole means of advertising and do quite well with it. Furthermore, social media allows you to communicate with friends or family that you normally don't get the opportunity to converse with on a regular basis.
So for that, social media isn't all bad.
Social media begins to sour when users make it a point to use it for no other reason than inane banter and commentary that no one really cares about, except you of course. Posting silly things on Facebook or Twitter about what you ate for breakfast or the fact that you've decided to go shopping today puts you at a level where you might be considered someone who can't live without social media.
Quite frankly, no one cares that you have coupons for a new pair of pants enough that you need to write it on Facebook. In addition, your obsession with social media reaches a fever pitch when you get nervous if you don't have your phone or tablet or means to communicate through social media nearby or right in the palm of your hands. Unbelievably, some people who adore their social media standing so much that they'll sleep with their phones close by or even in their hand and actually have been known to "sleep post" while they're sleeping and dreaming.
Yes, that is a real thing, by the way.
No one is suggesting that social media doesn't have a place in business, personal or our impulsive culture. That said, moderation makes this form of communication more realistically accepted and easier to use if you're not enamored with any and all things social media related.

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