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Surface flow: How Microsoft hybrid laptop makes work easier, life harder for other tablets

The tag line that the Microsoft Surface Pro carries with it is a promise that this tablet hybrid can replace your existing laptop.
Typically, a lot of advertising slogans and marketing declarations say a lot of things but rarely live up to
the enormous amounts of hype.
That isn't the case with the Microsoft Surface Pro. This laptop (or, if you prefer you can call it a tablet) does exactly as promised: it can easily allow you to trade in that tablet and old laptop and ultimately consolidate to just one device.
But the Microsoft Surface Pro isn't the only tablet slash laptop gadget on the market. This particular type of device didn't exist all that long ago but now is being offered by seemingly all the heavy hitters, Microsoft included and at the front of the pack.

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In a suddenly crowded marketplace, however, the Microsoft Surface Pro plays to the masses and emerges as the clear cut favorite among a sea of worthwhile, albeit woefully short, competitors.
A few of the HP tablet and laptop 2 in 1 devices aren't quite as efficient and elegant as the Surface Pro. Sure, they detach but in some instances there is a glaring flaw you can't overlook, such as a tablet that is too large and cumbersome to enjoy or, for those who are using it more as a laptop, keyboards that are too small to be able to use if this laptop for more business than recreation.
The Lenova Yoga line of laptops aren't a tablet per say, aside from the fact that they fold over completely so you can tote around this laptop to make it look like a tablet at least. But, how comfortable do you feel about constantly flipping and folding your laptop without thinking you might break it at some point?
The Surface seems nearly perfect and flawless for not only the size of the tablet (ideal screen size and not too heavy) and the fact that the keyboard is small but not to the point that it is impossible to use without being overly frustrated with it. The case that doubles as the keyboard also doesn't hurt just how compact this laptop can be, along with other features like the detachable pen and touch screen.
Not everything about the Surface Pro is perfect; some would question the battery life or the processor speed on the lesser priced units. But beyond a few minimal gripes, this laptop and tablet in one combination is a winner.

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