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Well suited: Finding the perfect suit off the rack is anything but a given

Every guy has faced this fashion dilemma: they need a suit but aren't interested in seeing a traditional tailor but would rather buy right off the rack.
But being able to sit back, relax and pick a suit that hasn't been custom fitted never really ends the way you want it to, and typically the process results in you wearing a suit that doesn't fit all that well in all the right places.
Take for instance a quick trip to the local mall or department store for a last minute suit for a wedding, funeral or any other applicable, formal event. Most guys struggle with the jacket first, since your shoulders, arms and chest are a 46, but your 32 or 34 inch waist doesn't really do you any favors when it comes to a suit jacket.
What ends up happening is the jacket fits fine through your upper body but then the waist area of the jacket is oversized, huge and makes it look like you're carrying an extra 20 pounds in the stomach region, not exactly the look you want. Pants aren't quite as troublesome but that doesn't mean you can't get tripped up on sizes that just seem odd: who exactly is wearing that 42 inch, 30 length pair of pants.
Not you, right?

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The dress shirt also can wreak havoc with your ensemble for the same reasons your jacket isn't cutting it, either. Dress shirts can be difficult to size based on a body type that has you working on your torso in the gym but paying the price when you're trying to buy a top that wasn't made specifically for you.
So how exactly can you find the perfect suit without finding a high priced or time consuming tailor, yet still buy at a nearby store? The good news for men is that some higher end retailers tend to craft suits that fit a little better than cheaper ones you'd find at the nearby mall. You may want to look into any online stores that not only have the suit fitted to your needs first and foremost but also can send a tailor to you, no matter where you are. Some online suit stores even allow you to supply your own measurements and then they'll make the suit of your dreams.
If you're still inclined to shop for the suit pieces on your own, keep a few key points in mind: make sure your shirt is long enough and the sleeves aren't too long (or your jacket won't look right). Remember, your crisp, white shirt shouldn't stick out past your jacket sleeves.
Standing, waiting and worrying about an in person appointment with a tailor doesn't have to be your gateway to the suit you've always wanted for this occasion. Instead, shop around, look for any of the aforementioned suit perks and clean up that look without getting your hands dirty with way too much busy work to get the suit you want.

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