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Meal fan: Why certain dishes are key in saving money

At home, you probably are still recovering from the holidays in some form or fashion.
Maybe you're still wading through those gifts, clothes or gadgets, trying to figure out what you want to keep or return. You also might be in the midst of adjusting your budget since now you're a few hundred (or thousand) dollars over your budgeting limit.
Part of that financial responsibility starts, of all places, in your kitchen. You might assume that most of what ails you takes place outside your home, like not curbing your additional spending or saving money in more conventional ways.
What the holidays also bring in the way of spending money is buying plenty of food to feed everyone stopping and visiting, from friends to relatives and anyone else that you will see, and that also includes plenty of cash out the door on eating out at restaurants, too.
Now that the holiday dust has settled, your main objective is to stand pat in your kitchen and start spending money on groceries so that you can eat dinner (and lunch or breakfast for that matter) at home with dishes that aren't going to cost you more than you're willing or wanting to spend.

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Some of the staple dishes you know and love find themselves at the front of the list, including an old fashioned spaghetti dinner or warming up next to any number of simple soups you can make for less than a few dollars that equate to more than just a few bowls. What makes these dishes equally appealing, other than being inexpensive to make, is just how convenient and simple they are as well to prepare.
Not much has changed from the holidays and just how busy you were bouncing from one store to the next or trying to find that perfect gift. Life doesn't slow down much even after all the buying and shopping subsides, so finding meals that maximize your time and minimize your involvement are paramount for parents, individuals and families keen on saving money and also eating well without sacrificing quality and taste.
Health and wellness also play a big part in the new year in the form of resolutions you want to keep from a food and drink standpoint. Keeping it cheap seems to be nearly impossible from a spending standpoint since healthy foods and ingredients often cost more than their lesser unhealthy alternative. That is quite the misnomer in some cases since you can whip up healthy smoothies in the morning with vegetables like carrots and fruit like green apples that not only make a great shake but aren't nearly as pricey as you believe.
Finding the balance between delicious and inexpensive seems difficult when it comes to food, meals and putting a delectable dinner on the table. Truthfully, however, it isn't quite as hard as you think if you find the right dishes that don't work against you keeping a lean budget this year.

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