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Washed And Burned: Front Loader Washing Machines Are The Tops

The great debate rages on and doesn't show signs of waning.
No, you're not thinking about Coke vs. Pepsi, Yoga vs. Pilates or Miley vs. Sanity, but rather this battle is the cleanest fight you'll see in quite some time.
Consumers continue to waver between what type of washing machine they're in the market for a new one. The old standby is the top-loader, the one that you've known for years -- a trusted friend and one that hasn't failed you in the years it has been the dominant choice in the marketplace.
A new contender, however, has emerged as an equally potent if not out-and-out better of a combatant in the form of the front-loaded washers, the ones that gained their fame and notoriety within the walls of laundry mats around the world and have since migrated to retail stores.
Both parties have their positive and negatives, highlights and flaws but the real decision as to which avenue you'd like to head down depends on variable criteria.

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Do you like to save money in the long run or need an instant deal?
How important are your clothes to you?
Does design play any role in your buying decision?
These and many other questions are pondered before making a final purchase. The first question may be the most important of them all.
Top-loaded washing machines easily best their futuristic counterpart as far as up-front, retail pricing. An average, old-school top-loading washing machine probably rings in at about $400-500 dollars; double that basically when discussing the front-loading ones.
That price tag may scare away most would-be washing machine buyers but in that regard patience is a virtue. Front-loading washers are energy efficient, lean and mean if you will, in comparison to their bloated predecessors. In time, electric and water bills should drop and you'll easily recuperate the initial cost.
Front-loaders are incredibly stylish these days, the kind of washing machine that wows visitors -- not that a red or blue one is the cornerstone of a well-designed house. But the consumer is driven by looks and design and thus the front-loader is easily an A-list movie star versus the made-for-TV template of the top-loader washers.
The final blow is quite definite in terms of front loaders forgoing an extra round in the ring against their old, tired competitor. Front loaders carry an important reputation of not agitating both users and the clothes -- the lack of that vertical drum in the front loaders keep clothes from being tossed, thrashed and ultimately destroyed over time.
Time certainly isn't on the side of top-loading washing machines as the future isn't quite as bright as it once was. This would-be hotly contested debate of top vs. front is hardly much an argument anymore as the front-loading washing machines have taken front and center away from their aging, agonizing opposition.

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