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Office race: Can you incorporate fitness at work?

Halfway through January, and the New Year's Resolutions and promises of a fitter you haven't slowed down.
But, have you?
This is about the time of the month when those January 1 resolutions that focus on exercise, diet and overall wellness begin to wane or are quickly forgotten about since you either haven't seen the results you want or just are getting tired of not finding the time to incorporate the fitness routine you need to achieve your results.
It's not because you don't want to lose weight or eat healthier but rather your frustration boils over and you just decide to call it quits. One reason, arguably the most important one, is a lack of time since your kids and after school activities, meal planning, grocery shopping and that pesky job tend to get in the way of you making it to the gym.
Perhaps it is time to start thinking about exercise as more of an all day affair rather than something you have to do before or after work. Case in point, why not bring fitness to the office with you? You may be asking just how possible that is, but think more outside those four walls you work within and think about how fitness can be implemented at your desk, during your lunch break or just if you need to leave the office and take a stroll through the hallways.

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Far too often, fitness isn't seen as something that can be practiced while you're3 at work, but that is far from the truth. You can do simple changes to your office dynamic as far as the changing out your chair and replacing it with a stability ball or something that takes the back of the chair and banishes it into retirement.
The actual act of office fitness can be anything from packing a pair of sneakers, eating lunch and then spending the rest of your break walking around the parking lot a handful of times. If the weather isn't cooperating, then take your walk time to circling the office halls a few hundred times.
If walking isn't your favorite, why not take time to stretch a little in the office or tackle a few Yoga poses as part of that same lunch break or down time you have during those 8 or more hours you spend at work. As laughable as the Yoga might sound, you'd be surprised at how culturally accepted it is and just how it will help manage your stress at work.
The more you think about work as a means to add to your fitness and exercise repertoire, the easier it is to not only get healthier but not feel so bad if you can't make it to the gym on a particular day.

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