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Quitting time: Do you have one of the jobs people quit most?

Deciding one day to quit your job isn't anything new. Plenty of people have felt abandoned by an employer, fed up with a boss or tired of dealing with customers that are anywhere from unappreciative to just plain angry.
Jobs that offer little room to grow, chance for promotion or just a general atmosphere you'd consider positive are just a few of the attributes you should look for in both a company and supervisor or manager. If your job isn't a career of sorts or fits the mold of those aforementioned attributes, you're more likely to leave your current positon for a chance to earn more money or find something that is going to give you peace of mind and a positive outlook on your future.
But have you ever wondered what jobs are the ones people quit the most?
You might assume that quitting a job is directly related to the amount of money that is being earned, such as if you work for minimum wage, whatever that may be in your particular state, or have something that you'd assume is a dead end (maybe fast food work or retail).
Another thought is that you might be more prone to quit your job if you deal directly with consumers on a regular, consistent basis. In the United States, roughly two million people quit their jobs each month, not exactly a staggering number but one worth noting given that most people are looking for jobs while others, two million to be exact, are quitting voluntarily.

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Truthfully, jobs people quit most tend to be those of the retail kind or ones that are considered or classified in the food industry or hospitality. One can assume that the stress of the constant customer interaction leads to workers throwing their hands up in disbelief of disgust that the money they're earning isn't quite worth the anxiety and constant stream of work being done.
Think of a person who works at a restaurant as a server, for example. The hourly wage is minimal and they consistently work on tips. If you find the right restaurant, with the clientele that is equal parts courteous and generous, you'll earn quite a bit more than someone who is battling customers that aren't as frivolous with their tip scale.
The rules of what jobs aren't as enviable and thus make you want to quit more aren't universal but certainly make sense when you take a glance at the job description and the daily activities involved. Of course, you can hope that if you're currently tied to this type of job that you've found some salvation in what you do and aren't pressed up against that glass ceiling as far as moving on in your career.
Quitting often is the last resort but still an avenue that you can justify if you simply determine you're going nowhere fast.

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