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Losing credibility: Is `Biggest Loser` turning into shameful parody of itself?

At least one contestant of "The Biggest Loser" is feeling quite small and shamed after her appearance on the long running NBC reality TV show.
Kai Hibbard called "The Biggest Loser" a "fat shaming disaster" in reference to how the show made her and other contestants feel, ironically like losers. Hibbard goes on to say that "The Biggest Loser" takes pride in pointing out how fat the contestants are and no longer will them to success but rather point fingers at them and highlight their negative attributes more so than how to achieve a healthier outlook overall.
Trainers, according to Hibbard, didn't pay attention to doctors who monitored the contestants and continually reminded those on the show just how "fat" they are. Hibbard also felt compelled to mention that she wasn't allowed to call home for more than a few minutes and very infrequently at that.
By the way, Hibbard lost 121 pounds while she was on the show.
The weight loss success experienced by Hibbard makes her comments come across as being somewhat hollow in nature. Some who struggle with weight and finding a healthy balance with how they eat, manage stress and live would welcome the opportunity to be sequestered on a fitness ranch and work with trainers that set goals and hold them accountable, with the latter being one of the keys to dropping pounds.

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Hibbard probably has more than a few valid points as it relates to the temperament of the trainers in question. In fact, Jillian Michaels, the most famous of all the "Biggest Loser" trainers felt as though the show was becoming a little "mean spirited," she left.
And, that's perfectly fine if Michaels believes that. She's just speaking up and stating her opinion. Some would argue that Michaels' tenure and relationship with the show has run its course, too. No matter what Michaels' motivation is, you can't argue with the basic effort put forth by the show and the principles they're trying to instill in their contestants. A lot of what TV brings to the table in the way of what's on the screen is done for effect.
Do the trainers perhaps take it a little too far? Probably. But sometimes that tough love is exactly what those who struggle with food and weight loss need to hear. Plenty of people pay a trainer to encourage, yell, scream and motivate. What happens on "The Biggest Loser" probably mirrors that mentality, only with everything amplified for the sake of TV.
Non one is suggesting that Hibbard is lying or making up how the show made her feel. But plenty of people who have been on the show see "The Biggest Loser" as their salvation to staying healthier longer than they would have had they not been on the show.

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