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Baby boom: Why moms often make the best baby related products

Moms and dads collectively breathe a sigh of relief every time a product hits the marketplace that ultimately makes their lives easier.
Parents don't hide their feelings as it relates to items on the store shelves or available online that allow them to decrease the stress of day to day parenting, whether you're talking about a baby bottle that warms liquid without actually turning on your stove or an adjustable bath tub that is able to be modified as your baby grows.
The baby product marketplace almost seems, at times, like it is something out of "Star Wars" as these items available to parents often seems as though they're too good to be true.
Not surprisingly, some of the more innovative, simple and effective baby products weren't devised in a warehouse, office or board room but rather within the confines of a home occupied by a mom. Truthfully, if you're a new parent wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing that the product you're about to buy was created by a mom or dad?
That question seems a little loaded if you consider that some of those supposed office "suits" are undoubtedly parents as well. But often the feel good story when discussing a baby related product centers on the story of how a mom or dad decided that a product they so desperately needed didn't exist, so they opted to come up with a better way to proceed.

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Call it creative marketing or a product with a story to tell but would be parents or moms and dads new to parenting could easily be sold on a product that came from someone that is in the same shoes they're trying to fill
Look at something like the Pad a Lily, a cushion of sorts that was created for toting around your baby's car seat without hurting your arm or straining your shoulder. Instead, Pad a Lily fits nicely and snugly over the handle so you aren't cramping up by lunch time from moving the car seat from car to anywhere else you're headed for the day.
Pad a Lily isn't necessarily a futuristic, gadget like product but rather has the look and feel of a product that moms need. And often it takes a frustrated mom and a mission to come up with something that others in that same situation can enjoy.
That adds credibility to the product itself and undoubtedly puts parents at ease with every purchase.

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