Forceful exit: Lucas' 'Star Wars' rejected and with good reason

01/22/15 by Rennie Detore

George Lucas was the mastermind behind "Star Wars," a movie franchise that arguably is the most famed, innovative, loved and passionately followed than any other one in the history of movies.
The key word, however, is "was."
Lucas sold of his LucasFilm to Disney for a sizeable amount of cash a few years ago and with it the rights to his beloved "Star Wars," a series of films that christened Lucas a genius and mastermind but also an out of touch, hack who had no business writing anything other than a grocery list.

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You see, Lucas' first three "Star Wars" movies some 30 plus years ago changed science fiction films for the better. The characters, modest budgets and non CGI related action scenes, along with scripts that were well written, transformed "Star Wars" from a pet project of Lucas to a billion dollar brand that is beloved by millions.
And then, "The Phantom Menace" happened in 1999, and Lucas' golden ticket and Midas touch turned sour quickly. His next three "Star Wars" movies beginning with "Menace" took a serious chunk out of Lucas' mastermind moniker. The movies were bad, the acting worse and those characters and well written dialogue that once defined "Star Wars" became laughable, campy and devoid of any originality.
So given Lucas' latest escapades as a writer and director, it's not surprising that the creator of "Star Wars" was snubbed for the latest round of movies, the first of which begins in December 2015. Lucas had plenty of ideas for a new "Star Wars" movies and in fact started writing the seventh movie. But when Lucas sold off his studio to Disney, his ideas were left behind for a new "Star Wars" movie.
Lucas is saying he doesn't have any idea about what the new "Star Wars" movie is going to be about since his ideas were "rejected" by Disney. To Disney and anyone else that isn't letting Lucas anywhere near "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," thank you.
So this isn't about bashing Lucas and his last attempt to resurrect the "Star Wars" franchise, but he simply doesn't have that same creativity and zest for screen writing that he once did when he churned out the first three "Star Wars" movies. Everything after "Phantom Menace" made money but also exposed Lucas as a shell of his former self. Now, to Lucas' credit, he is the mastermind behind one of the biggest cash cows, "Star Wars," in cinematic history. But living off your laurels and the past is exactly what Lucas would have been doing if he'd had anything to do with the next "Star Wars" movie in 2015.
He had his chance to in 1999 and beyond with Episodes 1, 2 and 3, but he failed. And that's OK. He built up enough equity with his original movies to have three follow ups that were anywhere between awful and average in everything from casting to writing. But to give Lucas the keys to the castle again after he's sold off his film studio is bad business for Disney, and they know it.
That's why Lucas is being left off this next "Star Wars," and ultimately that is a hard, albeit the right, decision.

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