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Super bowl: Is your Super Bowl party menu healthy enough?

What's the first thing you think about when you say the word "Super Bowl."
Maybe you focus on the hype or overkill you'll experience in these next few days. Do we really need a hundreds of hours of footage for one four hour game?
For some, the Super Bowl centers on what's not happening on the field: the commercials. Those who aren't die hard football fans tend to navigate to the game to check out the advertising and creativity on display as far as television ads. If you're not a football fan and you don't like commercials, maybe you're watching to see the halftime show.
This year, you might be rooting heavily against the Patriots, those "cheaters" from the northeast who deflate footballs to gain an unfair advantage and hardly deserve to even be at the game much less have an opportunity at a fourth championship under Tom Brady and company.
Then again, most of those who tune in care immensely about the game, too.

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But aside from what is happening on and off the field, a huge component of the Super Bowl falls on the person who is hosting the party that almost always accompanies the big game. Easily the most watched sporting event also is the one that garners plenty of attention in terms of the menu or what is being served as part of the festivities.
When you think about what you're going to be serving, you most likely contemplate a plethora of snack foods, salty treats and sugary drinks that comprise the menu. From potato chips to cheese laden dips and enough cans of soda to send anyone into sugar shock, you'll undoubtedly leave most Super Bowl parties feeling worse than when you arrived.
But do all Super Bowl parties have to include nothing more than a series of unhealthy snacks?
Of course not. Does that mean your Super Bowl lineup is going to include carrot sticks, celery and low fat everything? Probably not.
That doesn't mean you can't pair or infuse your party with a fruit or vegetable tray or maybe even offer a few low fat options for anyone who doesn't want to get drunk on pork grinds and cheese out of a can. Plenty of those famous dips can be made with low fat cheese and even that five alarm chili can include healthy, protein laden kidney beans, turkey meat in place of regular ground beef and even some (gasp) vegetables as part of the mix.
The Super Bowl almost always will be defined by what happens when the game starts, but the party planning doesn't have to be fumbled away with tunnel vision as it pertains to what's being served.

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