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Mood upswing: Why traveling helps curb your winter time blues

Being depressed or feeling down in the winter months certainly isn't anything new for the majority of people who spend that time period in an area that is riddled with storms, snow, ice and a serious lack of sunshine.
How many Americans suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) on average each year? Roughly half a million people have a hard time coping with the poor weather and how it makes them feel on a yearly basis. Although SAD may sound like a bit of a stretch for some, it is all too prevalent and crippling for those who suffer from it.
What really amplifies the symptoms of SAD (lethargy, depression and spending time in bed mostly during those winter months) is the lack of sunshine and how it affects your body and mind. Those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder might talk to their doctor, take medication or attempt to make the best of a not so good situation.
For example, they may decide to get outside even in the cold weather on the days that the sun decides to peak out from behind what surely will be a day filled with cloud cover. Sled riding, skiing or other winter activities, including walking or running outdoors, certainly isn't going to hurt combating SAD.
The real equalizer against SAD and your salvation as someone who suffers from it, however, ultimately is going to be traveling, particularly heading from the cold to somewhere warmer in the winter months. Nothing safely or effectively raises your spirits and gives you a much needed respite from the bitter cold or snowy sidewalks like finding wonderful deals on airline fares and jetting off to California, Florida or anywhere else that would be considered warmer than where you currently are setting up shop, so to speak.

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Equally appealing about winter time travel is, again, the promotional and money saving opportunity you'll find when you inquire about round trip ticket deals through the airlines or even taking other means of transportation like trains, buses or even that rental car. Furthermore, hotels often are ghost towns during the months following the holidays, so finding a superb deal on an even better room isn't difficult.
So, of course, you can stand toe to toe with SAD by adding more light to your house or a sun lamp in each room but wouldn't your rather take those same toes and bury them in some sand at the beach, sit back, relax and let that sun beat down that depression you've been wrestling with this winter.

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