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Puppy Power: Keeping Dogs Content Takes A Little Work And Lots Of Common Sense

If he's truly your best friend, then prove it -- and don't over complicate owning and caring for a dog.
No matter the size, age and shape of your proven companion and beloved canine, your main objective is to adhere to a certain set of rules or guidelines -- ones that are simple, long-standing and deeply rooted in common sense when you stop to peruse them for any length of time.
So what are the best practices for taking care of a dog?
Perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable is simply making sure your pup has plenty of exercise. Whether you and your dog are on a mild stroll or healthy jog, keeping he or she slim and trim is directly related to longevity and happiness -- yes, dogs can get sad and depressed, too. Nothing is quite as disheartening to dogs as a lack of fitness thanks to an owner that is hardly hands on. And no, this isn't simply opening the back door and shooing your dog out to a back porch or patio.
This is harness, collar, leash and plenty of pavement in front of both of you.

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No matter if you're dog is young or old, walks are the backbone of keeping them spry and alive for years to come; walks also are amazing as far as thwarting off arthritis in the older ones. In addition to walks, car rides and a strong, sensible diet make for more good than bad memories during your dog's lifetime.
The car rides and walks go hand-in-hand but also can include plenty of pratfalls for owners alike. The biggest misconception is that both walks and car rides can be accomplished successfully without an appropriate harness or leash. The best compromise is a product that can be used as a harness for walks and a car ride, perhaps none as effective as Kurgo Tru-Hit Harness. This item is remarkably prudent for pups and older dogs and all breeds in between. Naturally, it is cost effective for customers and the dogs don't mind it, either.
As far as food, dogs probably don't mind what they're eating so it is up to the cognizant owner to keep their dog's waistline in line with their size and breed. Yes, dogs can be overweight, just like people and putting them on a diet is nothing to be ashamed of or take lightly. Acana Light and Fit is one of the many renowned diet dog foods; it properly and correctly separates fat and protein so that the latter outweighs the former to the tune of 40% protein to only 10% fat.
You wouldn't let your kids, relatives or friends eat fatty foods as part of a daily diet regimen or ditch the exercise, so why should your dog be any different?

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