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Pratt scratch fever: `Guardians of the Galaxy` star could be new Indiana Jones, but why mess with franchise?

Hollywood seems to be running low on original ideas. That assumption is backed by one reboot after another.
The latest classic, iconic movie being batted around to be redone is "Indiana Jones," a role made famous by Harrison Ford, who did four successful movies, particularly the first three. Talk of a fourth movie began almost immediately as the third one wrapped up, but you have to wonder how much Ford, who is making a cameo in the newest "Star Wars" movie out at the end of 2015, has left in the action tank.
With that, Chris Pratt's name has surfaced as being the ideal candidate to assume the role made famous by Ford. Pratt bulked up and beefed up his resume with his breakout action role in "Guardians of the Galaxy," a surprising hit that showed Pratt can flex his acting and comedic chops with an underscored blend of hero and sarcasm (much like Ford).
Pratt now is being championed as the perfect "Indiana Jones," thus prompting social media and the internet to buzz that he's the man for the job if Ford finds himself passing on the role given his advanced age.
Pratt, indeed, would be more than just an adequate choice. His performance in "Guardians of the Galaxy" almost assuredly gives him at least another few chances to prove that his action movie days aren't behind him and that he has a future in those types of movies and potentially more.

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The argument in this discussion isn't against Pratt or what he could bring to the movie but rather why the movie needs to be recast or redone in the first place. Pratt would be an outstanding "Indiana Jones," but truthfully why can't he continue to meteoric rise to movie star status without having to simply attempt to recreate a character that already has been made famous? You'd think Pratt would be excited to don the "Indiana Jones" garb and gear, but in the back of his mind he might also consider passing on trying to fill huge shoes that, quite honestly, don't even need filled in the first place.
Far too often, ambitious movie studios search high and low for a hit, something that is going to generate money for them. When the original studio scripts run dry, they tend, from the naked eye, turn to movies that have already happened but could use a twist or two to make it more modern.
The "more modern" or "unique take" are just fancy words for taking a movie and making it over again, no different than having someone else write that term paper or do your homework, and slapping your name on it. Granted, some reboots score big (think "21 and 22 Jump Street) and others seem different enough to be good (new all female "Ghostbusters" cast), but most are tired, lackluster efforts put forth in the hopes that fans of the films will find their way back to the theater.
You have to think Pratt would put his own take on "Indiana Jones," but despite what most likely would be an outstanding, remarkable performance, it still reeks of reveling in the success that is anything but original.

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