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House call: How to pick and give housewarming gifts people want

Part of the fun of moving into a new home is that inevitable party you're going to throw to show off your home to your friends, family or coworkers but also to have those same people bestow gifts on you as part of the housewarming experience.
But housewarming gifts often center on those of a traditional ilk, the blenders, pots and pans or other big ticket items in respect to buying a new home and getting the supplies you need, or might not even have.
And while there is nothing wrong with any of those aforementioned items, they might not address the true concerns of someone who just bought a new house: the little things that you always tend to forget that you need.
For instance, the pots and pans might already be part of your kitchen accessories, but perhaps you've moved into a place with limited countertops space or there's a new finished basement with a bar devoid of anywhere to sit.
That's when the housewarming buying needs to take a more practical approach with perhaps an electric tea kettle or a one cup coffee maker. As for that finished basement, don't be afraid to go above and beyond and buy some fun, festive bar stools.

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The kitchen often is the most common place that housewarming gifts tend to trend toward, and although the pots and pans make a nice gesture, think less obvious and more in the way of oversights that might exist.
How about a cutting board (or several of them)? Did you think maybe that the kitchen might need a baker's rack or some extra storage? Yes, those pans and dishes make sense but aren't the perfection that is thinking a little more specific.
Taking things like a cutting board or bottle opener and bringing them as gifts of choice for a housewarming is totally the way to go, but also don't be afraid to think about those same gifts but in a more extraordinary way, like if they had a personalized twist to them to make them that much more remarkable.
While there is no perfect gift per say when it comes to a housewarming party (because quite frankly your friend having the party won't turn down anything), you can at least plan the gift buying experience by taking into consideration who you're buying for but also finding the kind of present that can be equal parts your own with a distinct, creative feel to it.

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