Truly Super: Finally, Super Bowl that is worth all the attention

01/30/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Two weeks. That's the amount of time that passes between the NFL's Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. And in that two weeks, we are all force fed the "Super Bowl Hype" leading up to the game. Not just sports fans get this...everyone who has a TV, radio, access to the internet or who buys a newspaper gets it. To the point where you're sick of hearing about it if you're not a sports fan. And in a lot of cases if you are, the game doesn't equal the hype. But this one should. Here's why:
Seattle is the first team since New England in 2003 and 2004 to play in back to back Super Bowls. Can New England keep them from being the first team since then to win back to back titles too?
Tom Brady. Whether you love him (you have to be a Pats fan too) or hate him (pretty much fans of all other NFL teams), there's no denying his success. This will be his 6th Super Bowl appearance. He won the first three. He's lost the last two. Can the Seahawks make it three straight losses?

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Richard Sherman. Whether you love him (you may have to be a Seahawks fan to do so) or hate him (Michael Crabtree), you have to respect him. Sherman says he's the best cornerback in the NFL. I've yet to find any reason to doubt that. And if the Seahawks win and he's interviewed in the post-game, he may just cut a WCW/Booker T promo during it!
Marshawn Lynch. If the Patriots are going to win, they'll have to find a way to stop "Beast Mode". That's going to be a tough task since nobody has been able to stop him the past two post seasons. The only task tougher is getting Lynch to talk to the media.
Written off too early. After getting blown out by Kansas City in Week 4, people were asking if Tom Brady was past his prime and if the Patriots would even make the playoffs. Since then, they won 12 of their last 14 games (one being a meaningless loss the last week of the regular season). Seattle was 3 and 3 in Week 6. People were saying "Super Bowl Hangover" or that the defense isn't as good as it was last year. The Seahawks won 11 of their past 12 games because their defense got healthy.
LaGarrette Blount. Get arrested for smoking weed then released for walking off the field early in Pittsburgh. Get re signed by New England and play in the Super Bowl. That kids is as John Mellancamp once said, "ain't that America".
Offense vs. Defense. The Patriots have lit up the scoreboard for 90 points in two playoff games. The Seahawks pride themselves on defense. Can Richard Sherman and company stop Brady, "Gronk" and the Patriots under rated wide receivers.
Defense vs. Offense. Peyton Manning and Denver lit up the scoreboard last season. The Seahawks defense set the tone early and Seattle beat them 43 to 8. Which leads me too...
Legendary vs. Legends. The Seahawks believe their defense is one of the greatest in NFL history. As Ric Flair said, "to be the man, you got to beat the man". Seattle beat "the man" last year, and are looking to do it again.
Deflate Gate. Yes I'm saying this is a positive. Because the storyline of Deflate Gate has taken away from all of the usual overhype, stupid media questions, overanalyzing, preview of the commercials, ridiculous things to bet on, etc, etc. that the Super Bowl is usually full of.
So now that that's all done...let's get ready for some football! And a Super Bowl that I think, will live up to hype.

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