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Doggy adored: Why training your pup doesn't have to be so difficult

When most pet owners think about obedience training for their dog, they're almost always thinking about hiring an outside person to teach man's best friend exactly how to act and, thus, spending a small fortune in the process.
But does training your pup really have to equate to paying out the nose for some of the simplest commands? Chances are, dog experts probably are going to answer that question with a resounding "yes." Their livelihood depends on their credibility, more specifically how well they can help a prospective client transform an unruly dog into the model pet.
And yes, experts under the pet obedience banner are equal parts competent and patient for all the training they do with dogs, but that doesn't mean you can't handle a little of the at home training at home on your own, devoid of opening your checkbook multiple times and for ridiculously high amounts.
Taking the training in your own hands is something you can easily do to start and, of course, if it becomes too much to handle you can call in your backup plan and hire someone who is more adept at dog schooling than you are.
But in the meantime, why not at least give it a chance on your own first?

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One of the easier pieces of advice as it pertains to training your dog is to just keep it simple and direct when you're in teaching mode. For example, the commands you are using should be consistent. If you're going to say "roll over" or "paw," then keep those phrases the same each time you ask. Don't add words or deviate from the specific term you've used since day 1.
Almost just as important as that aforementioned consistency is to also make it a point to stay on the straight and narrow, and avoid being overly mean or angry when you're in the midst of training your dog. As much as you want to believe being harsh is the way to discipline your dog, it isn't. You should make it a point to enjoy the training process, so that your dog does at well, but also avoid getting too mad. Dogs don't respond well to that sort of temperament, so avoid it at all costs.
Speaking of costs, you'll save hundreds or thousands on private trainers or schools for your dog if you can take a do it yourself mentality. Chances are, if you follow a simple set of rules and commands, you'll ironically be able to avoid expensive outside help and get an inside track on a dog that is dealt with properly.

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