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Carrying On: Fashionable Luggage Is Worth A Stylish, Standing Ovation

Can luggage actually be classified as "cool?"
Those words typically are reserved for fall fashion trends, elegant footwear or a slimming pair of pants. No, luggage is usually just rudimentary fare or the standard suitcase that isn't supposed to garner much attention but rather simply be a practical.
It also helps if it fits in an overhead compartment, car trunk or in that little, luggage measuring device at the airport -- so you don't have to pay an extra baggage fee and can simply carry it on the plane.

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The real carrying on occurs not so much in the physical act of taking a bag on to a plane, train and automobile but rather the overwhelming enthusiasm, joy and jubilation that luggage can actually be more than just a square box that holds your socks.
Old-fashioned bags get bagged in favor of luggage and suitcases, travel carriers and backpacks that wow consumers and manage to keep the sensibility and practicality you've come to expect from travel receptacles but injected with a sense of style.
One wondrous bag is equal parts chubby, slim and waterproof in one fell swoop. The Hideo Wakamatsu Tarpaulin is a carry-on piece of luggage that check in well below $200 and sports a sleek, shiny look -- almost as though it is a cubed version of a leather jacket. But the outward material is waterproof, something that you might not expect but actual want out of suitcase. It also isn't afraid to get down and dirty as it can be literally crushed to fit into a space, while also being able to expand at a moment's notice.
Expansion also is in the playbook of the BLK Pine Workshop bag as this backpack might not be luggage per say but feels like a modern-day Transformer in the form of a bag. The biggest complaint would-be suitcase packers run into is buying multiple bags based on the amount of "stuff" they need on any given trip. The BLK Pine Workshop is one bag in place of several, saving you money and closet space in the process.
Space is certainly not at much of a premium with the Matt & Nat Jameson Bag. This bag is more like a series of pockets than an actual bag (even though, yes, it has a larger section to it). What's not to like about a piece of luggage that is designed to cater to the tech-savvy traveler with places for cell phones and tablets. To make it even more appealing rather than appalling, Matt & Nat Jameson Bag, much like BLK Pine Workshop, has those oh-so remarkable detachable pockets.
These aforementioned brands bring life to an otherwise demure product and make this the kind of excess baggage you certainly don't mind carrying around.

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