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Flu bugged: Want to steer clear of colds and flus? Then keep your cool

Quick, take a look to your left and now to your right. Do you see the person next to you? Chances are, that person is sick or is battling some sort of wintertime affliction in the form of a common cold or the fierce, annoying flu that refuses to go away.
Yes, cold and flu season is in full swing and just about everyone you know either is sick or was sick. In addition just "being sick," this year has been especially bad not so much for the afflictions themselves but the duration with which they last.
Those who have yet to experience a cold or flu this year are taking their approach to keeping it that way rather simple: stay away from sick people. That idea sounds perfectly fine but might not be quite realistic in the midst of working in an office or having to take care of your kids even if they're bringing home germs from their classroom.
So, it looks like you're just destined to get sick, right?
Well, that doesn't have to be your fate moving forward, but trying to avoid someone who is sick certainly is advisable but there's a better plan of attack to keep yourself healthy and well this year: relax. What most don't realize is that your immune system directly is affected by stress to the point that it weakens when you're upset.

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Now that isn't to suggest that garlic, honey and other antioxidants or home remedies to keep your immune system strong aren't in order. They're perfectly fine to help assist in your goal of remaining one of the very few who haven't been sick this year. But your better bet is trying to limit the amount of stress you're experiencing, which of course is easier said than done.
A lot of what ails wintertime as it relates to the immune system is a lack of physical activity, mainly because those long summertime walks or running outdoors in the spring fall by the wayside thanks to snowy and icy conditions. Exercise is the ultimate stress reliever, and can be the difference between sore throat, congestion and sniffles rather than breathing easy knowing that you've done all you can to stave off sickness.

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