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Hype dream: Has hype surrounding new cell phone releases started to die down?

One of the more overused phrases as it relates to technology and subsequent gadgets and products is that they're already outdated the moment you buy them, the same way consumers talk about cars and depreciation the moment you drive it off the lot.
Cell phones in particular find themselves at the center of the aforementioned mentality as it relates to how technology is beloved and quickly forgotten, almost like a star professional athlete that catches a winning touchdown this week but is subsequently run out of town for botching a play the following week.
Simply put, cell phones get plenty of love that is forgotten almost immediately because inevitably something better isn't just on the horizon but rather nipping at the heels of the next, best thing. That fact isn't lost on customers and cell phone enthusiasts alike, which begs the question: when is the new cell phone releases and anticipation finally going to die down?
For that matter, has it already started to happen?
Take the iPhone 6, which naturally did monstrous numbers for Apple since it released a standard and larger screened version (although the standard was huge departure from screen size that Apple typically endorses). Despite strong revenue from the iPhone 6, the device didn't have the kind of sizzle and substance that previous incarnations did. Maybe that was because the iPhone 6 didn't do much to improve on the 5s (other than the screen size).

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Recently, photos of the new and yet to be released Galaxy S6 leaked out, and while the internet frenzy was strong, you would hardly call it rabid. Yes, the Galaxy S6 has made some changes to its 5 model, but are those going to be enough to send consumers running to AT&T or Verizon to purchase a phone just for the sake of doing so.
If you're still not convinced and you, in fact, were one of the people that bought an iPhone 6 or are going to buy a Galaxy S6, try to think about other customers you may have heard in the store when you were making your iPhone 6 purchase. You might be surprised to recall that a good portion of them decided to buy the iPhone 5s or 5c, since the fanfare when it comes to cell phones has perhaps shifted from having the latest gadget to simply buying an older, albeit wildly competent, device to save money versus having the newest.
The Galaxy S5 undoubtedly will see a spike in sales as a result of the 6 model hitting the shelves soon. Cell phone companies may bank on that influx of sales on last year's model so to speak, but the better bet is consumers just aren't getting wrapped up in the releases, be it for financial or practical reasons.

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