Blocked View: The View might want to consider closing the shades

02/08/15 by Chasity McLeod

Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View." You have to think that the rest of the panel of personalities might want to consider doing the same thing.
O'Donnell is telling the public that her reason for leaving is due to her separation from her wife, who she had been with for three years. O'Donnell also had a heart attack three years ago and also eluded to wanting to spend more time with her children in lieu of the split.
The reasoning behind O'Donnell leaving makes perfect sense, and one would believe that all of those contributing factors play primarily into her choice to leave the show. You have to wonder, despite O'Donnell denying the claim, if the lack of cohesion and comfort exuded by the all "The View" hosts could have had at least a little something to do with her opting out of staying.

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The reformed show included O'Donnell, actress Rosie Perez, Nicole Wallace and Whoopi Goldberg, who has been on board since 2007. The odd, mismatched lineup had plenty questioning how the producers came up with this lineup and whether they could pull together enough camaraderie to increase ratings or convince viewers the show hasn't seen better days.
Thus far, the reviews for "The View" have been lukewarm but mostly poor. O'Donnell and Goldberg are both strong personalities that essentially for that reason shouldn't be on the same four person panel. O'Donnell is controversial, and that is one of the reason when she was originally selected for the job most skeptics believed she wouldn't get along with the rest of the cast.
The inclusion of Wallace and Perez seemed like odd choices from the start, and the announcement of them only served to confuse viewers and further prove that the show was trying to grasp on to whatever it had left.
Truthfully, the show, with O'Donnell leaving and facing yet another change in cast, might want to consider boarding up the windows and putting the concept as a whole in the rear view. "The View" critically is panned, although for the purposes of day time television wasn't always terrible. The show and some of the original cast proved to have at least a modicum of moments worth noting.
The 2015 version of the show feels more like a professional sports team trying to rebuild with rookies and past their prime veterans assembled and thrown out there to see if they can at least put a respectable product on the field. "The View" hasn't been able to do that with O'Donnell and Goldberg, both of whom haven't been relevant in years.
Unless producers have someone in mind that can add serious drawing power to the show, the future of "The View" seems to be cloudy at best.

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