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Falling In Love: Traveling In Off-peak Months Still Means Stocking Up On The Same Essentials

The end of summer doesn't have to equate to the equally bittersweet end to the travel season, too.
In fact, fall brings an incredible versatility as far as vacationing is concerned. Travelers who opt out of the traditional May through August travel time period envision Fall traveling as a way to ultimately extend the enjoyment summer brings by opting to forgo the falling leaves and chilly temperatures in favor of more sand, beaches and sunshine.
In short, for this demographic never wants summer to end. Their propensity to put Fall on hold shouldn't stop consumers and travelers alike from skipping the essential products that should be in every piece of luggage, travel bag or tote this year.
And while we're at it, why not start with the tote itself? Sephora scores major adulation and admiration with a clear make-up bag that makes flying especially easy. No need to dig through the bag to show the goods, plus the price tag is unbelievable at less than $5.
Travels will undoubtedly being flying high after quickly zipping through the airport but what happens once you arrive at your sun-soaked destination? Even in September, the sun is relentless on your hair and skin and vacationers typically assume that a Fall vacation means going to the beach minus the essentials such as sunscreen and protection for your face, especially.

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Keeping it basic on a vacation as far as packing face wash, moisturizer and everything else associated with skin care is necessary. And by "basic," that doesn't mean overtly accepting the hotel-offered soap that probably will do more harm than good to those delicate, sun-dried pores of yours.
Simple is a calling card of the Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Hit, which hits on all cylinders in that it's compact, practical and all-encompassing for any skin type.
Now that your face is cleaned, you have to keep not only the sun at bay but also bugs galore. Leave that task up La Fresh and their insect repellent wipes. They don't smell like glass cleaner or Lysol and don't leave a sticky residue either. What they do accomplish is keeping pests -- no, not the people you came with, either -- away from you and allow you to swap out your swatting for a little well-educated sunbathing.
And speaking of basking in the glow of the vitamin-D enriched sunshine, nothing is quite as paramount for a perfect Fall vacation than a stylish bathing suit, one that truly embodies a woman's character, sense of style and free-spirited Fall vacation demeanor. Plush Swimwear is an absolute no-brainer in this category with plenty of post-summer sales mixed in with the best brand names on the market (Salinas Swimwear, Agua de Coco and Michael Kors). Not only are these swim suits diverse in design but each has a style for the savvy shopper and are priced reasonably at less than $100 to start.
Picking a sensibly priced flight, choosing an out-of-this-world hotel are absolute musts but the accessories that accompany you are just as important of a part in making Fall fabulous for travel.

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