Key takeaways: Off field antics take some luster off Super Bowl spectacle on field

02/09/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

It's been a week since one of the most exciting, and baffling, endings to a Super Bowl occurred. New England won their fourth Super Bowl title, coming from behind to beat Seattle 28 to 24, in a game that literally, did come down to the last yard. Unfortunately, it's all of the other stuff leading up to, during, and after the big game that have taken away from what was a truly great football game.
Let's start with the before. Leading up to the Super Bowl, there is usually a ton of hype, overanalyzing matchups, too many interviews, and everything that you could have imagined being talked about and then some making press in the two weeks leading up to it. Most of that hype, or overhype, would have been good this year since this really was a marquee Super Bowl matchup pitting the best two teams in the NFL against each other. But the main story leading up to the game was "Deflate Gate". Yes, the Patriots allegedly using slightly deflated footballs in the 45 to 7 beating of Indianapolis in the AFC Championship Game, and Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady's alleged involvement or knowledge that it happened got more press than Belichick and Brady trying to become the only coach and quarterback tandem since Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw to win 4 Super Bowls together. I'd say it's pretty disrespectful of the media and anyone else involved to overlook what the Patriots, Brady, and Belichick have accomplished because some footballs may not have had the proper air pressure. The AFC Championship was a blowout, the balls didn't matter, the teams did. And the better team won. By 38 points.
Next is the during. After scoring a 3rd quarter touchdown to put Seattle up 24 to 14, Doug Baldwin "celebrated" his score by mimicking to taking a dump. Yes, even though the TV cameras didn't show it, Baldwin pretended to drop his pants, squat, and drop This is the biggest game of the year in the NFL. Almost the entire world is watching. And Doug Baldwin pretends to drop a deuce. Seriously? How old are you? This is the same guy who was yelling, actually screaming, after the NFC Championship game that the Seahawks got no respect. Well it's kind of hard to have respect for someone who's touchdown celebration is that disrespectful.

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Of course also during the game, and right after Baldwin's touchdown, Richard Sherman was at his "best" as well. Not that Sherman is ever shy about talking, but he made sure the TV cameras were right on him when he mimicked "24", either at the score of the game, or at Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, who Baldwin beat for the that touchdown. Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL, and you don't believe it, he'll tell you. For some time, Revis was thought to be the best. I'm sure Sherman was just excited about the score being 24 and his gesturing had nothing to do with Revis, right? Sure it did....
And now to the after. During the Patriots Super Bowl celebration, instead of celebrating the win, they decided disrespecting the team they beat was a better way to do things. First were running backs Brandon Bolden and LaGarrette Blount holding up t-shirts mocking the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch. Lynch is known as "Beast Mode" and wears #24. Bolden and Blount were seen holding up t shirts during the victory parade that read "B*tch Mode, #24".
And if that wasn't enough, Julian Edelman found a placard with Richard Sherman's image doing the "24" from the crowd, made sure to hold it up, and then punch it down. I guess the winning their fourth Super Bowl thing was missed by these Patriots players, who should know how to act like they've done this before. And if anyone should be grateful, it should be Blount. If you remember, he was cut by Pittsburgh in November after leaving the field before the game was over. And it's not like anybody outside of the New England area needed any more reasons to dislike the Patriots.
The good from all of this though...the Seattle Seahawks finally shut up. Leading up to the Super Bowl, it was how they were "disrespected" on offense and how their defense was the "greatest of all time". Well, lets see. You had the ball on the 1 yard line with three more downs to go. You have the NFL's premiere short yardage back. And instead of running the ball, you decide to throw it, and it's intercepted. You pretty much just disrespected yourselves, don't you think? And that sucks for Russell Wilson, who is a very humble player and deserved better than to have thrown the pick that ended the game. The play call was so bad, that Wilson had to have thought "what are we doing here?". He should have just thrown the ball in the stands and lived for Lynch to run on 3rd and 4th down if necessary. If the Patriots stopped them, they deserved the win. But to take away from your bread and butter to try and outsmart the opposition? Yeah, that's pretty disrespectful to the offense that used the ground and pound style to win a lot of football games over the past two seasons.
As for the Seahawks defense being the greatest of all time...I beg to disagree. The greatest defense of all time is the Pittsburgh Steelers "Steel Curtain" from the 1970's. The Seahawks defense is just a GOAT, because a truly great defense doesn't blow a ten point lead in the fourth quarter. I'd put the 1985 Bears and 2000 Ravens defenses in front of the Seahawks defense too.
Well on a positive, at least the Seahawks fans can take refuge in the fact they beat themselves and it wasn't the officiating that did them in. Because when they lost in 2006 to Pittsburgh, Seahawks fans cried about being beaten by the refs for 8 years until they beat Denver in last years Super Bowl.
Where's Rodney Dangerfield when you need him?

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