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Garbage daze: Some household products are better off trashed after use

Even the most cost effective household should make it a point to set limitations on certain products that often are kept long after they've worn out their welcome, specifically when they become filled with bacteria or germs that belong, quite frankly, in the garbage.
Of course, we're not suggesting that you should dump staples within the home, such as your precious electronics like your big screen, flat TV that is high definition ready or any of those dozens of old cell phones piling up in your office. Yes, those may have germs, but this is more about small ticket items that typically can easily be replaced.
But for some odd reason, we tend to hang on much longer after they've not only lost their effectiveness and also become more trouble then they're worth. For instance, what do you do with a sponge or rag after you clean up the kitchen? Do you keep it or toss it; and if you keep it, how long should you hang on to it?
While there's no golden rule on sponges or towels per say, you should only wash these germ filled gems one or two times before you discard them, especially the sponges. Towels and rags can last a little longer, but that also depends on exactly what you're cleaning within that kitchen. Let's say you love making your favorite chicken dinners, but don't even think about using the clean up sponge more than once.
From sponges to smiles, what about your toothbrush? One of the old schools of thoughts as it relates to your toothbrush is discarding it after you've been sick or not feeling well. That still holds true, even if you've been on antibiotics or medications that help combat bacterial infections. Your toothbrush or even that plastic cup on your sink you use to rinse your mouth out simply has to go.

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Not far away from that toothbrush is that potentially moldy shower curtain. You can buy ones that are waterproof or promise to repel water with ease, but that doesn't mean they're in it for the long haul. Spraying bathroom cleaner at the base of the curtain helps, but that only goes so far. You want to change your shower curtain at least twice per year.
In the midst of cold and flu season, the last thing you want is to increase your chances of germs getting the better of you. Plenty of people are sick and not feeling well to the point that the odds are against you, so any time you can rid yourself of items that already are carrying germs is a smart decision.

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