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Career killer: Mistakes made on the job typically follow same trend

You're halfway through the work week, and you decide that Thursday would be a good day to use that autonomy you have as part of your job and run a few harmless errands in the afternoon.
Perhaps your boss or manager informed you when you were hired that this practice was acceptable, so you took that to mean the grocery store, eye doctor or pharmacy can be part of your route on any given day.
And that's fine. What tends to complicate the matter isn't so much having that freedom but rather abusing it or not using it in moderation. Suddenly, that lone Thursday turns into two days and so on and so forth.
That practice is just one of many that can be defined as a career killer or, at the very least, a misstep that could have catastrophic consequences from suspension to losing a job you love simply because you exhibited bad judgment.
Case in point in addition to using your afternoon for personal reasons without letting someone know what you're doing, what about those who were graciously invited to some sort of work function that is celebratory in nature, only to make a complete fool of yourself in one form or another?

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Maybe you told an inappropriate joke, fell asleep at the table or had one too many drinks at the cocktail hour. Whatever the case my be, you can't assume that just because a party or get together happens outside of your work schedule that the proverbial gloves (and maybe even your shirt and tie literally) can come off.
Another common moment you'd like to take back is sending an email or even a text message to the wrong person, particularly when you're talking poorly about your boss or someone else within the company that can snap your career like a twig. What's worse is sending an email to your boss by accident if you're either complaining about your job or workload, or worse yet, trying to inquire about another job, even if it is within the same company. Luckily, that one can be fixed to some degree with a heart to heart conversation that probably was long overdue based on the email you just sent.
Having a job no longer is a given; some would say it is now a privilege. Treating it that way would be the right recipe to divert you back on to a healthier, smarter career path.

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