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Laws of attraction: What exactly do women find appealing about men?

From serious relationships to marriage or even just a passing glance from a woman to a man, how exactly is attraction defined as far as what women find irresistible in men initially?
Debates abound and are discussed verbosely as to whether attributes like money, humor, sensitivity, strength and character stand taller than their counterparts or perhaps if attraction simply is defined as good looks, confidence in that first conversation or being able to dress well.
A recent study suggested that women find men attractive more so if they're successful at what they do or have direction in the career they've chosen.
Obviously humor and character mean plenty as well, but the study takes a closer look at little things men can do to increase their visibility and appeal with women.
For instance, women find men more attractive if they're taller or have facial hair, but body hair is a no go for most women. Flashing a smile might be the first thing you believe to do as it relates to getting a woman's attention, right? Not so. Women like the mysterious, brooding face over one that is a little too smiley for its own good.

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Some would read this and think how laughable or silly something like a smile being a reason women might not find men attractive. But think long and hard about an encounter you had while you were out and what you found appealing in a man. Didn't you at least twice at a guy with a little stubble that caught your eyes because he seemed somewhere on the scale between the unknown and quite frankly a little intimidating? You'll probably answer "yes" to that but there is something to be said for seeing a guy who is smiling, thinking that he's confident and happy, and that you could use a little bit of the latter in your life.
When it comes to dating or meeting people in general, you can pay close attention to trends and stories about what women want from men, but would be relationships can be built on just about anything. The real telling sign boils down to being attracted to the person from the start but having more beyond just liking the person's looks. You've undoubtedly heard plenty of conversations from friends about how they dated a guy who was gorgeous but it was like talking to an ironing board. That isn't going to fly for the long haul, which ultimately is what we all are looking for beyond the facial hair, how tall a guy is or if he's cracking the least bit of a smile.

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